My Official Introduction

I’m Phil Gons, the new guy in the marketing department. My wife, Shanna, and I just moved to Bellingham from sunny South Carolina a week ago. My job here at Logos is to try to fill the void left by Daniel Foster’s departure. From what I hear, I’ve got some big shoes to fill. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by very gifted people who are making learning the ropes less daunting. (Thanks to Mark and Ben for tolerating all my questions and requests!)

I’ll be doing a lot of PR stuff like working with product reviewers and press reporters and trying to get Logos exposure in print and online publications. I’ll also be involved in writing and maintaining some of the content at, managing our affiliate program, and doing many other things to get the word out about all that Logos can do for laymen, students, pastors, and scholars in their personal Bible study, sermon preparation, and writing.

I have an undergraduate degree in Bible with a minor in ancient languages and a master’s degree in Bible. I’m slowly working on my dissertation for a PhD in Theology. I love biblical studies, theology, and technology, so being a part of Logos means I get to be a part of the things I’m passionate about.

I’ve been a Logos user for just about three years now. I’ve spent enough money on Logos software to buy a decent used car! I love it, use it daily, and highly recommend it to others.

In addition to my regular contributions here, I also blog once or twice a week on my personal blog.


  1. Welcome! Stick with good coffee and you will survive the winter:)

  2. I am glad you are there, but my rides to work are far less intellectually stimulating. You are missed.

  3. Steve Maling says

    Welcome aboard! This retired pastor has been a “user” for 4 years, long enough to REALLY appreciate all your colleagues. You are joining a great team.

  4. God Bless you, Phil!!! Congratulations. Does this mean you won’t be posting in the Newsgroup anymore :)?

  5. Thank you for your introduction Phil.
    You’ll grow to love the NW…just be emotionally ready for the “grey skies” for most of the winter. You’ll learn to find the beauty in it….I did. I moved from N.C. to the Pacific NW and lived there for 10 years. God was very good. I brought my Oregon wife back to N.C. in ’96, but we’ve still got good friends in the Lynden, WA area.
    Congratulations! Enjoy the rain….we sure could use here it here in NC and SC.
    Jeff O.
    Greensboro, NC

  6. Phil,
    I was glad to see you show up at the company for the Thanksgiving Feast. We’ve never met, but I’ve seen you on different blog sites, and on the newsgroups. Saturday morning I’ll be doing a workshop on “Using Electronic Resources for Bible Study” at a National Missionary Convention. To be fair, I’ll cover several options, but the Logos package is in the #1 spot!

  7. Thanks for all the kind comments.
    Michael, I’m not a coffee drinker, but I hear that I might have to become one.
    Josh, I’ll miss the fellowship as well! Some great times indeed.
    Steve, thanks for sharing.
    Joan, I’ll still try to contribute to the newsgroups, but probably not as often without my Logos employee hat on. :)
    Jeff, thanks for the encouragement. I think we were well prepared for the clouds. It’s been fine so far. The occasional sunny day is quite nice and more appreciated than before.
    David, I hope your presentation goes well!

  8. Welcome to the NW. I’m a native So. CA man and like it in So. OR. I hope we will be able to develop and implement other biblical study materials that are outside “Traditional Christianity” to use with our Libronix engine. Such topics would include those that are and have been historically and today biblically argued more as people think and research for themselves. I think Logos is a tad too biased in what publications they make as resources. But that’s okay, it’s nice to open a real book and sit down and read by the riverside.
    Welcome and always plan ahead for the next weather season as you enter into the current one.
    Pat Brady in Rogue River