Getting the Most out of Your New Collection

So you’ve owned Scholar’s Library for a little while and have recently added a new collection. Perhaps you just purchased the massive Biblical Counseling Library (30 Volumes). Now you’re wondering how you can put it to good use.
The first step is to create a collection (Tools > Define Collections > New). For further help, see this video demonstration. To save you the time, I’ve already done the work for you. Download the file, and put it in C:\Documents and Settings\ . . . \My Documents\Libronix DLS\Collections.
With your collection file created, you can now start using your new books to their fullest potential. Here are five ways to get the most out of your new collection:
1. Familiarize yourself with your new books. Open My Library (Ctrl+L), and select Biblical Counseling from the Collection drop down. You will see the 30 books that came with your collection. Arrange the books by title or author, and “thumb through” them to get familiar with their contents. If you don’t know what you have, you probably won’t use them very often.

2. Use your new books in the Passage Guide. If you’re working on a sermon on Galatians 6:1, you might want to find out what your counseling books have to say. Since these books aren’t commentaries, they won’t automatically be implemented into the Passage Guide. But getting them to show up there is very easy. Open the Passage Guide, and select Properties. Toward the bottom, there is a Collections section. Check the box next to it and the box next to your Biblical Counseling collection.

Your report will now display hits for your passage.

3. Find a passage of Scripture. If you want to find a passage only in your new collection and not elsewhere in your library, you may want to use the Reference Browser instead of the Passage Guide. Open the Reference Browser (Ctrl+R), select Biblical Counseling from the drop down, set the Type to Bible, enter Gal 6:1 or another passage, choose how specific you want your search to be, and click search.

4. Find a topic. Open the Topic Browser (Ctrl+T), select Biblical Counseling from the drop down, and type a topic like bitterness into the Find box. Click on Bitterness, and immediately you get several relevant hits to explore.

5. Find a word or phrase. You can also search your new collection for a specific word or phrase. Open the basic search (Ctrl+Shift+S), select Biblical Counseling from the drop down, and search for something like manic-depress* (the asterisk includes depressive and depression).

By using these five tips, you’ll be getting the most out of your new resources in no time!


  1. Gabriel Powell says

    Looks like the collection file isn’t there… nor are most of the images.

  2. Philip,
    If the first step is to create a collection file, why does not Logos send this with the resources? I have never understood why they don’t.
    God bless!

  3. Gabriel, we’ll check on that. They are appearing for some but apparently not for others.
    Joe, that’s an excellent idea, and one that came to my mind while writing this post. I’m not sure why we haven’t included the collection files in the past, but be sure that I’ll put in a plug to have them included in the future.
    In addition to that, I’ve got a couple of ideas in mind, like (1) having a collection page on our site where all of these files will be downloadable and perhaps (2) adding a link to each file on its product page. We’ll see what we can do. The collection page could even possibly have user-submitted collection files.

  4. Phil –
    Just a thought, but using Logos Wiki for supplemental and user created resources like collections might work well. The Wiki page seems to be a very underutilized resource with loads of potential.
    Thanks for all the insight above. The best part is collection file or no collection file, the info is very transferable to multiple situations.
    Steve R.

  5. Brian Davis says

    I concur with the request of collection files with all collections and a nice touch might include the past collections. Thanks, Brian

  6. This article was very helpful. Here’s hoping that many more like it will be posted to assist us in using Libronix better. Many thanks. By the way, will there be any Christmas specials this year?!

  7. Thanks, Dean. We’ll do our best to keep providing you with solid, helpful articles.
    Yes. We are doing another three volume Library Builder. Details are coming soon!

  8. Have manually entered (as lbxcol files) most of the “Collections” that I have purchased over the last years. If you want these uploaded somewhere to share with others let me know where.

  9. Thanks for the offer, Dave. If you’d like to email them to me at, that would be great.