The Lifework of Dr. Jim Rosscup

If you are up to date on the latest Pre-Pubs you probably guessed that my last blog post was setting up the introduction of the nearly 3,000 page “lifework” of Dr. Jim Rosscup: An Exposition on Prayer in the Bible (5 volumes).

The product page will give you all the details about this massive exposition on prayer—50 years in the making and 15 years in the writing—but I wanted to share more about the story behind this title.

First, let’s hear from John Fallahee, M.B.A., M.Div.

“It was spring 2001, my second semester of seminary, and one class stood out above the rest – Prayer Class. On the first day of class, the professor entered the classroom and spoke in an unapologetic, sober tone: ‘This class will be difficult.’ We looked at each other with skepticism since we had just conquered a semester of Hebrew! What possibly could be more challenging then learning to read the Hebrew Bible!

Soon we discovered that we were required to pray 7 days a week for 1 hour per day. At first, we were excited about the prospect of drawing closer to God. We would be sitting at the feet of a godly man who saturated his whole life with prayer. We were excited to put into practice what we were about to learn! It only took one week to be discouraged; many of us failed to pray an hour every day! From being too busy, too tired, and frankly, running out of things to say to the Lord! We needed help!

Dr. Rosscup, our professor, began to take each of us through the scriptures like a living commentary from Old Testament to New Testament, explaining the text and providing insight, verse by verse! Suddenly, I could see models of prayer from the great saints who came before us. We were encouraged by their strength and courage in the Lord in the face of difficult trials. I learned from Dr. Rosscup how to pray and how to persevere in prayer.
One day in class, he mentioned that after about fifteen years of writing he had nearly completed his lifework – a commentary of every prayer in the Bible, the work in progress used extensively in his teaching. I asked if he had considered publishing the work. He mentioned he was seeking a publisher, of which I remarked, “Have you considered Logos Bible Software?” He graciously said he would consider. Many print publishers were not convinced that a 3,000 page, five-volume work on prayer would succeed in the marketplace.

Through my years in seminary and several years after, I would regularly encourage Dr. Rosscup to consider going digital. After graduation, I joined the Logos Bible Software team to train and equip individuals and pastors at conferences, churches and academic institutions to study, teach, and preach the Bible with this amazing technology. So once again I approached Dr. Rosscup with the idea of publishing his unabridged lifework for Logos Bible Software and this time he said yes!

Well the rest is History! Dr. Rosscup is a godly man whose integrity, steadfastness, and devotion to the Lord in private and public have challenged me to love and pray more. His example, teaching, knowledge of the scripture, and intercessory life of prayer, has inspired me and will inspire you to bow your knee before our Maker with a freshness of adoration. No Christian should be without this monumental, life changing work!”

The first time I talked to John about this project I had never heard of Dr. Rosscup. I knew John was beside himself with excitement for this work and the man who wrote it, but I did not know how we could pass on John’s understanding and enthusiasm and convey it to our users. How do we go about marketing a 3,000 or so page commentary on prayer in the Bible that had never been published before?

I called Dr. Rosscup and spent 45 minutes or so learning about him and his lifework. I explained to him that one of the challenges to marketing his commentary would be finding a way to get our users comfortable with who he was and who he was associated with. I asked him if he could get a bunch of endorsements for his title that we could post on the product page. By asking him to request a dozen or so endorsements I was hoping he could make those requests and perhaps get even a few back in time to post on the product page. When Dr. Rosscup got back to me a few days later and let me know that the endorsements were already starting to come in, and that he would send me all of them soon, I was a little shocked.

In a matter of days, he had glowing personal endorsements in his hands from John MacArthur, Cyril J. Barber, Elizabeth George, Harold Hoehner, Patrick E. Murphy, Lance Quinn, David Sunde, Clinton E. Arnold and James A. Borland. For those busy people to drop everything and write endorsements in a matter of days spoke volumes to me. For him to even contact and get the attention of those busy people in that same amount of time was impressive enough by itself.

Not too many days later, several people who love and respect Dr. Rosscup and his lifework started spreading the word about the Pre-Pub on various email lists, blogs, and websites. In no time at all, without ever announcing his title on Logos NewsWire, it gathered more than 100% of the pre-orders needed to move it into production—and that’s not easy for such a massive project! I don’t have the exact numbers, but it also appears that we have a substantial quantity of orders from people that have never even heard of Logos Bible Software but wanted to get this title any way they could. The author and the content is so compelling that it is bringing a flood of new users to our format just for this one title alone.

If you know Dr. Rosscup I encourage you to post your comments below and help others get an even better appreciation for this dear man and his lifework through your eyes, then get in touch with anyone you know that might also want to share their comments and encourage them to post something as well.


  1. I had Dr. Rosscup ten years ago. Fallahee tells the truth that the class was uniquely challenging. What he doesn’t mention is how faithfully Dr. Rosscup prays and continues to pray for those he knows.
    A friend of mine has known him for over fifteen years. Even recently, Dr. Rosscup let him know that he was continuing to pray for my friend’s brother who had walked away from the faith many years prior. He is a model to me of a man who prays faithfully and unceasingly.
    (He has a humorous side too, but that’s for another time & place.)
    Needless to say, I am looking forward to receiving these volumes and know that I will benefit from them for years to come. And also believe that I’ll reference them more in digital form than I would have if I’d bought them as hard-bound form!

  2. Keith McFaul says

    I also took Dr. Rosscup’s class on prayer in seminary.
    It took me from one who prayed periodically, to one who prays regularly, and instilled in my soul the utmost importance of this spiritual discipline in the life of the minister.
    Keith McFaul
    Grace Evangelical Church
    Oak Harbor, WA

  3. Jeff Eckert says

    I am currently taking Dr. Rosscup (Fall 2007) at TMS and know that he is a man of great humility and prayer. His attention to detail and expositional abilities are amazing and reflect a man that spent a great portion of his life studying the bible and yielding to the Spirit. I imagine the quality of the content in this TOME of nearly 3,000 pages will be exceptional. The best thing about Dr. Rosscup though is that he regularly sits unpretentiously in the back row during chapel, instead of up on the front row with the rest of the faculty and staff….

  4. Ron Seidel says

    He is one of those outstanding teachers you will never forget. His prayer life is one to be modeled.

  5. Like the gentlemen above, I’ve had the privilege of sitting under Dr. Rosscup’s teaching. Throughout my time in seminary he proved not only to be an excellent professor, but a wonderful friend.
    His thoughts and prayers, even in the midst of personal illness, were always on others. My family once had the opportunity to visit him when he was in the hospital. He graciously answered questions about his condition, then proceeded to ask us questions about how we were doing and talk about others.
    Rest assured that Dr. Jim Rosscup is a man who lives what he teaches. And what he teaches is a selfless life focused on our magnificent Savior and ministering to others. I don’t think I know a more kindly or godly man. I could no more imagine Dr. Rosscup speaking a discouraging word to or about anyone than the sun rising in the west. Nor have I ever heard anyone speak unkindly about him.
    I’m excited about the opportunity to expand on the blessing I’ve received through his teaching. This resource will be a treasure that I am confident will reap great wealth in my own life and result in better equipping as I pass on this tremendous blessing.
    Thank you Dr. Rosscup. May God continue to use your example as a godly challenge to us all.
    Joe Johnson
    Cornerstone Community Church
    Escanaba, MI

  6. Vernon Schaefer says

    I do know Dr. Rosscup personally, only the great and wonderful things I have heard concerning him.
    I am very excited about this writing as Prayer has always been so important to me, but so evasive. I looking forward to getting so many answers from this writing; from all that I hear about it, it is the final authority on the subject. I want to thank all my friends at the Logos organization for taking on the project.

  7. Michael J. Vlach, Ph.D. says

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Rosscup as a student of his at The Master’s Seminary and as a faculty colleague at TMS. He is truly a humble and godly man. I know of no better person in this world to instruct on the topic of prayer than he.

  8. Michael Grisanti says

    I have been a colleague of Jim Rosscup’s at The Master’s Seminary for almost 11 years. One of the things that has always impressed me about Jim is that he has not finished learning. He is always studying, clarifying, revising his notes, laboring to do a better job in what he teaches and writes. I have not sat in his prayer class, but can attest that he is a man of prayer. What a blessing that a man who models consistent prayer has blessed us with thousands of pages on prayer. You can be sure that the project on all the prayers of the Bible is not something tossed together in short order. Dr. Rosscup has gone through it again and again over the years and has tried to make it the best collection of explanations of biblical prayers possible. Prayer is all too often something we neglect in our lives and in our teaching and preaching ministries. Having a work like this at our disposal should be a great resource for helping others understand the prayers of the Bible.

  9. Rufus Harvey says

    In the Spring of 1994, I was the Administrator of Grace Community Church where TMS is located. There had been a threat against Dr. Roscup and I was assigned to dress up like a student and sit in his classes: Matthew and Hermaneutics. I still have my textbooks and syllabi. While “under cover” in his classes, I was immediately struck with his caring, loving attitude toward his students, especially as he started each class with prayer – following up on individual requests from the previous class. I felt so blessed to be there under his teaching and shepherding. Thankfully, the threat never materialized.
    Later, he reached out to someone he didn’t even know – my youngest son, who was a struggling unbeliever. When Dr. Rosscup learned that Joshua had read every one of his published Western novels, he loaned Joshua a manuscript of an unpublished work to read. I have experienced first hand the excellence of his teaching. But even that is outshined by the personal testimony of his gracious life.

  10. David Andersen says

    I also took Dr. Rosscup’s class at The Master’s Seminary and John’s words describe it well. It may be the best prayer class offered anywhere. I look forward to having this lifetime work of Dr. Rosscup for my own enrichment in prayer. The author is a man who humbly lives what he teaches.
    David Andersen
    Capitol Ministries – Virginia

  11. Graeme McNae says

    Certainly a godly man – the insights I’ve already read are typically vintage Rosscup. His work will certainly be a valuable resource for those who want to last the distance like he has.

  12. Maykel Hernandez says

    Sometimes people get the impression that scholars don’t have a lot of time into spiritual devotion and prayer. Dr. Rosscup is the very example that serious students of the word need. This work will encourage not only brain thinking but also heart devotion. Thanks God for his gifts…

  13. Karl McKeeth says

    Indicative of Dr. Rosscup’s approach to Scripture is a statement he made in my hermeneutics class this semester: “You should always feel that you have a lot more to learn about a passage. At the same time, God will give you a wonderful confidence.”

  14. He is a man of prayer.
    He does not only teach a class in prayer but prays to the Almighty and prays for his students. On one occasion, he came up to me intently asking of my situation (which I have not told anyone about) and committed himself to pray for me. A man of prayer indeed!

  15. Lance Roberts says

    Dr. Rosscup is a man who is deeply committed to prayer. One summer he invited myself and another student to come to his house every other Saturday morning to pray with him. He even made us breakfast at 6am! And when I think of him I am often convicted to pray even more.
    Every time I see him or communicate with him he mentions a prayer request that I have given him in the past that he prays for. I know of no one on this earth more devoted to prayer than he.
    To God be the glory!

  16. I counted Dr. Rosscup a favored prof when I attended TMS and am excited to see his work on prayer available to all.
    When I was considering seminary, I had an opportunity to talk with John MacArthur about Master’s Seminary and, though I am sure he said more, the one thing that stands out in my memories of that conversation is how enthusiastic he was to speak of Dr. Rosscup and the course on prayer.

  17. Doug V. Heck says

    When Dr. Rosscup started teaching at The Master’s Seminary (`87) I enjoyed breakfast with him and Dr. Robert L. Thomas twice each week at Norms. A few other students would drop by but for me it became such a joy that I was the regular with these two spiritual theological giants. Neither Jim nor Bob consider themselves anything special but for those of us who have sat in their classrooms or sat with them at Norms for breakfast, they have been impacted in profound ways. Dr. Rosscup immediately comes across with a genuine humility, graciousness and sense of a depth of a man who has drunk deeply in the well of fellowship with our Lord. This is a man who has been on his knees not out of academic pursuit simply but to quench his thirst to drink deeply the nectar of intimacy with the Living God. Our breakfasts at Norm’s were usually 5:30 or 6:00am but you could tell he had already poured his heart out in serious, humble prayer which was his happy routine. I can’t think of anyone in the theological world I would rather learn about the mystery and impelling of prayer from Scripture, than Dr. Rosscup. I am eager to read the whole work soon and bought my Logos pre-copy as soon as I could.

  18. Jim Lowery says

    I’ve never met, or even heard of, Dr. Rosscup. I’ve never read anything he’s written, or heard him speak. I’ve never met anyone who knows him- except on this page.
    I was drawn to this collection first by its subject. ‘Prayer’ is such a vital and crucial aspect of discipleship; and, while there are lots of books written about prayer, this is the only one of which I know that actually wants to hear FIRST what God says on the subject, then discerning how other speakers meet that standard. Dr. Rosscup sounds like he’s a disciple who “keeps his finger on the text.” I want to learn from a man like that.
    I was drawn, secondly, by the impact of Dr. Rosscup’s very brief encounter with Mr. Pritchett, and the enthusiasm of his students, friends, and peers for his work. Anyone whose life and ministry could generate such recommendations -and on PRAYER of all things! – must be not simply an academic, but a “sincere” disciple of The Chief Prayer Himself. If one is known by the c/Company he keeps (Prov. 13:20), I want to learn from a man like that.
    Then to read, and reread, the recurring qualities of his life: humility faithfulness, integrity- this IS the kind of person from whom I want to learn.
    With books of this nature, I’d rather have hard copies. BUT to have the possibility of having Dr. Rosscup’s insights popping up to remind, exhort, rebuke and encourage me as I search cross references, commentaries, key words, etc. will make this one of the most valuable additions to my e-library.
    Frankly, the price -even at the incredible pre-pub price- did cause me to wait a couple days before ordering (I’m cheap- and I don’t like paying to be convicted by The Spirit!), but for the reasons above: (1) a firm basis on God’s word not Man’s thoughts, (2) the “long obedience in the same direction” example and impact of Dr. Rosscup’s character and life – and (3) the availability AND serendipity, AND value-far-exceeds-cost of this edition, made this an opportunity not to be missed.
    Thank you all for making it available.

  19. Caleb Azure says

    I too had the privilege of studying under Dr. Rosscup at TMS. His passion and diligence on the subject of prayer and his personal example had a profound impact upon me. Dr. Rosscup continued to teach us how to pray by sending prayer updates for pressing needs. In each update he would richly aid us in prayer as he incarnated the scriptures that he has devoted his life to. I look forward to soaking up all of those wonderful truths regarding prayer that our beloved professor could only hint at in out times together with him. This is a true life work.

  20. Brent Small says

    I have taken Dr. Rosscup in the past for Prayer and am currently taking him for Hermeneutics. He is a man who is deeply immersed in the Word of God. He has an intensely deep understanding of the Scriptures, and as it relates to this prayer project you will find no greater resource. I feel privileged to have been instructed by Him and count it a blessing from the Lord.

  21. Michael Chandler says

    I first met Dr. Rosscup while an MDiv student at Talbot Theological Seminary. I will never forget this introduction to a man marked by superior knowledge of God and corresponding humility. Only Providence knew that Dr. Rosscup would become my mentor through ThM studies a decade later. At the feet of this man of God I learned hermeneutics, vital principles of spiritual life and prayer, Jesus’ Parables, NT epistles including those of John and the Pastorals, Biblical Manners and Customs, discernment of issues related to the Charismatic Movement, and he painstakingly guided me through the completion of my ThM Thesis.
    Dr. Rosscup pulled me through these academic rigors. Nevertheless, it was his inexplicable manner of courageous defense of Scripture’s meaning and authority combined with gentleness toward those who contradict that made my favorite professor the kind of man I hope to be when I grow up.
    Through my years as a pastor he has loved and encouraged me to persevere and my family and church are grateful. A picture of Dr. Rosscup and I now sits atop a shelf overlooking my desk where weekly sermons are produced. As it were, he looks over my shoulder and says, “Mike, I’m praying for you and believe you will be faithful.”
    I have known Dr. Rosscup and his beloved wife, Mildred, for over twenty years, visited in their home and been the subject of his prayers before the throne of grace. His legacy is in the many lives God has transformed through his testimony. The Holy Spirit will likewise be pleased to use his Biblical Exposition of Prayer for generations to come.
    Thank you Logos Bible Software for making his life’s work available to us all.
    Michael F. Chandler, Pastor
    Victor Valley Bible Church
    Victorville, CA

  22. Dr. Rosscup was my “academic advisor” in seminary. I also took his prayer class, a class on the exposition of 1 John, and I came to know him personally during my time in seminary. He was also a discipleship leader in a internship type class at seminary.
    I can only tell you this. He is a soft spoken, gentle, humble prayer warrior and an exemplary scholar. If you brought a matter of prayer to him, two years later it would often happen that he’d stop you in the hall and ask you how things were going with the matter (in my case my unbelieving big brother Marshall). After you filled him in, and walked away, when you turned around you could expect to see him pull his prayer journal out and make a notation of some kind. I am sure that Marshall is still in his prayers.
    He’s a giant among men and I count it a privilege and an honor to have crossed his path in seminary. The men loved him. This work is his life work and I for one am excited to have it coming out. His love for the Lord, his commitment to scholarship and thorough exegesis and exposition, and his practice of prayer make this work one that should not be missed.
    It would have been fun to have it in hard cover as well (I have doubles in my library–scholars gold and books).

  23. Only a few things in this life provide greater joy for me than to write about Dr. Rosscup’s impact on my life and his work on prayer. All the professors that I sat under at The Master’s Seminary are very special to me. Dr. Rosscup holds an extra special place in my heart because he was my professor for three classes in my first semester: OT Survey, Hermeneutics, and Discipleship Lab. During this formative time of my ministerial training, I could not ask for a better man with the blended mixture of depth in scholarship, skill in Bible exposition, and humility in conduct to lead me in the word of God. It was in our small group discipleship lab where I was exposed most directly to his passionate disposition to pray. He would lead us in prayer for nearly the full ninety minutes. I would always be touched that he recorded every prayer request in a notebook, and would even remember my own prayer requests years later. Of course, my own prayer life was then mightily challenged by his seminary class on prayer.
    All of this to say that I cannot think of anybody more suitable to write this massive Bible exposition on prayer than Dr. Rosscup. His faith, as manifested by a truly prayerful life, is worthy to be imitated (Hebrews 13:7). Thank you, Dr. Rosscup. Soli Deo Gloria.

  24. Alex Montoya says

    It was my distinct honor and joy to have Dr. Rosscup as my professor in 1968 when I began my studies for the ministry at Talbot Theological Seminary. I recall with joy his deep reverence for the Word, and his great love for the students. I remember thinking to myself, “I would like to teach God’s Word the way Dr. Rosscup teaches it.”
    Now God has given me the privilege of teaching along side of him, and becoming one of his friends. I deeply enjoy commuting with him to school functions, and asking him deep questions. He always answers with great depth and great humility. We talked and prayed much about this book on prayer, and I am glad to see that his dream and life’s work is now available for all to have as their own. There is no one who embodies the book like Dr. Rosscup. He wrote about what he believes and preaches. May we imitate him. Thank you, Dr. Rosscup.

  25. Oliver Schulz says

    These comments start sounding like a broken record; but the beauty is that the things that I read over and over and over again are true. I had Dr. Rosscup as professor for two classes at The Master’s Seminary: Prayer and Hermeneutics. Besides this I have worked with him closely in editing six of his syllabi. In all these years that I have known Dr. Rosscup, I have found him to be friendly, gracious, humble, and always concerned about others. There is no doubt that he is very firm about his convictions when it comes to the Bible and its interpretation. Nevertheless, if a different view was suggested in class, Dr. Rosscup never dismissed the view without listening. No, rather he would gently and patiently answer the questions, answer objections, and give reasons why he held to this and no other view. In every interaction that I had with him, he always strove to build up and never to tear down. I sincerely look forward receiving his life-work because I know that it will give me the ability to interpret God’s word more accurately, live a holier life, and draw closer to Him in prayer.

  26. Christian Andresen says

    Dr. Rosscup`s continued live testimony stands for itself. He lives that what is written about Ezra 7:10. After studying God`s Word for himself he applied it in his life and then taught it faithfully to his students. He would not ask of his students what he himself would not do. His work on prayer reflects his life and the echo will be heard and seen in the lives he has touched, including myself.

  27. Tommy Clayton says

    Dr. Rosscup is one of the most observant students of scripture I’ve ever encountered. Within a matter of several classes (Hermeneutics at TMS), I knew I was sitting under a legendary expositor. I was thrilled to hear of the completion of his life-work on prayer. I was even more thrilled to discover the class on prayer offered next Spring at TMS taught by … Dr. Rosscup! I can’t wait to hear more of his keen insights on prayer from God’s Word. He has a rare combination of brilliant scholarship and Christ-like humility. May God grant him many more years to instruct and influence young men in the ministry!

  28. Vince Greer says

    Dr. Jim Rosscup is one of the greatest men of prayer and humility that I have ever met in my life. The impact that he has had on my life cannot be put into words. Whenever I have a question on a prayer related issue from the Bible, Dr. Rosscup is the man that I call. What a immense blessing it is to have this type of work from such a great man of God.
    Thank You, Dr. Rosscup.

  29. Dr. Gil Stieglitz says

    Dr. Rosscup is a man of profound faith and deep insight into the Word of God. I too had him as a professor for a number of classes at Talbot School of Theology many years ago. His patient exposition and deep love for the Lord still stay in my mind. I am excited to work my way through his work on prayer. I hope that your publishing of this work will also encourage you to bring back his incredible work on John 15 “Abiding in Christ” He is a humble servant of Christ we are blessed to have had him impact our lives. This volume on prayer will only add to that impact.
    Dr. Gil Stieglitz
    District Superintendent EFCA

  30. Rev.Dr.D.Stanley Rajan says

    Dear Brother,
    Thank you very much for introducing a great man of God, DR.ROSSCUP, through Internet.
    After going through, the testimonies, of various
    Bible scholars, and teachers, about Dr. Rosscup,
    I discovered, about a PRAYER WARRIOR, who has written this massive Bible Exposition on Prayer.
    I believe that Dr. Rosscup, has revealed a secret, about Prayer in telling that Prayer is not conquering God’s reluctance, but taking hold of God’s willingness.
    I have been pastoring a church for the past 30 years, and worked as the Principal of the Bible college. I have a strong conviction to say that the subject IMAGE OF PRAYER, should be taught in all the Bible colleges, because, after studying so many subjects, students, should come out from the Bible Colleges, as Prayer warrior, with the Image of God. Then only, as full-fledged servants of God they will live like Dr.Rosscup, who, has demonstrated the prayer life, and lived according to his teachings.
    After hearing so much about him I am tempted to buy
    his book. My wife and I are praying for many through our prayer ministry called NEHEMIAH PRAYER CHAMBER. We are vising U.S shortly, and would be visiting Atlanta. If I get the address of your headquarters office, I may try to visit,
    to buy the books if it is possible. Thank you for this opportunity, given to me.
    May the Lord bless all your endeavors.

  31. Jerry Wragg says

    I must confess that whenever the name Dr. Jim Rosscup enters the conversation a wave of conviction sweeps over me about my own prayer life. Many people talk about prayer while others have seasons of heightened interest in it. Most of us simply struggle for greater consistency. Dr. Rosscup truly has a deep and abiding love for prayer! As a young seminary student I marveled at His devotion to communing with the living God. From his choice of course assignments to every personal interaction with students, Dr. Rosscup’s excitement for rich prayer times permeated his work. He graciously yet doggedly challenged me to excel in faithful prayer. I can only hope to match even a few of his exemplary steps in my personal walk and ministry.
    This life-work will be monumental for the church. I can’t wait to feel its conviction!

  32. Loren Fischer says

    We were classmates together at Dallas Theological
    Seminary 50 years ago. Even then, he was a thorough student, loyal friend, avid reader, rapid writer, joyous believer, devout before THE LORD, his family and a watching world. Those of us, who have shared his life, easily conclude that he did, indeed, start well, continue better and will end best! I am eager to treasure his masterful studies on PRAYER. As he might well insist, “There is a great deal that we can do AFTER we have prayed; but UNTIL we have prayed, we have not done the first thing first!”

  33. Carl A. Hargrove says

    Dr. Rosscup’s work will undoubtedly bless all those who interact with it, as his life has blessed me for many years. I took Dr. Rosscup’s class on Biblical Expositions of Prayer seventeen years ago. The class syllabus remains a great resource, yet it was his life joined to the clear teaching of Scripture that greatly impacted my view of God and prayer. His faithful example and firm but humble spirit is one to emulate. It is a joy to know that his work, which is a burden of love, will gain more recognition.
    I always appreciated Dr. Rosscup’s attention to detail, and his sincere desire to see the Lord honored by striving for excellence. I will never forget this man, with two earned doctorates speaking with such conviction in class that he would begin to cry.
    In the pastorate, I still refer to Dr. Rosscup’s example in various situations to encourage my leaders. I do the same for the men I teach at TMS and various other settings. Overall, he is a man of God, who, seventeen years ago, solidified in my heart that a man of God, must be a man of prayer.

  34. Dr. Milton F. Pope says

    I had the privilege of first meeting Dr. Rosscup 50 years ago, on the campus of Arizona State University. I was a freshman and he was a year or two ahead of me. He is responsible for my further commitment to the Lord and through him I was introduced to a number of outstanding Christian leaders who indeed help change my life. It was quite evident even then that he had a special love for the Word and an exceptional ability to understand and communicate it to others. I have appreciated the continued wonderful relationship with Dr. Rosscup through these many years. I look forward to studying his messages on prayer as I know they will help change my life as well.

  35. Cary Green says

    I had Dr. Rosscup’s Prayer class almost ten years ago. At the time I was a single guy entering my last year of seminary. I seem to remember that several of us single guys asked Dr. Rosscup to pray for our future spouses, for it was said on the seminary campus that if you got Dr. Rosscup praying for you, it was bound to happen!
    I was so encouraged, not only by the Prayer class, but also by Dr. Rosscup’s own example of faithful prayer. I am so grateful for his influence in starting me on this path of prayer–a difficult, but so necessary dicsipline. Now as the pastor of Bibelgemeinde Berlin (Bible Church Berlin) in East Berlin, I have learned to pray daily for each person in the church. This has proven to be a great blessing in my own life as well as in my wife’s (yes, Dr. Rosscup’s prayers prevailed in that as well!), and of course in the lives of the sheep to whom we minister.
    Because the life of the man proclaims so loudly what he teaches, I am so excited to recommend this life work of Dr. Rosscup’s. In fact, I can’t wait to get my hands on it myself!
    Pastor Cary Green, GERMANY

  36. Jay Underwood says

    Dr. Rosscup is the definition of godly humility. What better person than to write and teach on prayer?
    Jay Underwood
    1st Baptist Church of Weaverville, CA

  37. Dennis Davies says

    I attended Dr. Rosscup’s prayer class during my freshman year at The Master’s Seminary. I can still remember my amazement at the breadth and depth of his syllabus. We students treasure the memory of our time under Dr. Rosscup and we cherish our tattered and well used copies of his lifework. We have taught from it and have watched lives change through the power of prayer. Most of all, we have prayed for the day when we might see Dr. Rosscup’s work published, and now God has answered those prayers.
    Dennis Davies
    Associate Pastor
    Calvary Baptist Church Huntington Beach, CA

  38. Kyle Sanderson says

    I am so thankful that I was exposed to Dr. Rosscup during my first year in seminary. By both speech and conduct, he has modeled Christ-like humility and wisdom. Godliness oozes out of him and he has made me a better man of prayer.

  39. Venese Dobbins says

    My husband was in Dr. Rosscup’s prayer class several years ago. Several of the students complained about having to pray an hour each day and then sign a paper that they had comoleted the assignment. My husband was a changed man. I thank Dr. Rosscup for the first had example of what happens when a person spends quality time before the throne of God.

  40. Venese Dobbins says

    My husband was in Dr. Rosscup’s prayer class several years ago. Several of the students complained about having to pray an hour each day, not my husband of course, and then sign a paper that they had completed the assignment. My husband was a changed man. I thank Dr. Rosscup for the first hand example of what happens when a person spends quality time before the throne of God.

  41. Paul Parker says

    The first thing that will always come to mind when I think of Dr. Rosscup is the “Prospective Student” luncheon I attended with him before entering The Master’s Seminary. What I will never forget for as long as I live is the picture I have of Dr. Rosscup getting on his hands and knees, with a towel in hand, to clean up the soda mess I had just previously spilled. My clumsiness turned into an opportunity for a Doctor in Bible Exposition to willingly stoop down, get his hands dirty and serve a young man. I had never seen such humility before in any Professor until that day, and I can confidently say that that act of Dr. Rosscup’s was one of the main reasons that compelled me to consider TMS and to desire to sit underneath his teaching. Dr. Rosscup’s humility comes from his tenacious prayer life, and this magnum opus in Prayer attests to that fact.

  42. Burton and Dolores Michaelson says

    We are honored by God to have Jim and Mildred Rosscup as our friends and mentors. Their remarkable love story just intensifies the life of dedication to the Lord they have lived. Jim is a prayer warrior like we have never seen before. He lives in the presence of the Almighty God every minute of every day and it shows. His only desire is to honor and exalt the Lord with every thought and meditation. He is truly a man of God . The minute we heard that Logos Bible Software was going to publish his work on prayer, we called to order our copy. This humble man has changed our thinking and habits about prayer and we will always be thankful to God for putting him in our lives.
    Burton and Dolores Michaelson

  43. Mark Hassler says

    I would say of Jim Rosscup what Charles Spurgeon said of R. C. Chapman: “the saintliest man I ever knew.”
    Mark Hassler

  44. Twenty-six years ago, in the crisp daybreak air up on San Bernardino Mountain, I first saw James Rosscup. Having earlier arisen and out for a walk in the woods, I spied him through a gap in the thick stand of firs. Perched on a large granite rock, Bible in lap, wearing those black-rimmed glasses, he ruminated over the Scriptures in prayer. Taken in by the scene (I had never met the man), I stood quiet and undetected, contemplating him whilst he contemplated the Scriptures in prayer; the impression has proven indelible.
    Four years later, James Rosscup was my advisor tasked to prepare me for comprehensive examinations and to administer them. Handing to me outlines of the books of the Bible, notes, and a daunting reading list, he told me to master the material; adding that he had already done so and that in his experience, fear before exams is good.
    Taking his example and advice, I read the material and prayed to pass his exams; again, the impression has proven indelible.
    Such are my impressions of James Rosscup: a man of prayer and study, in deed and by word encouraging me to do likewise. God be glorified and James Rosscup be credited, for I have benefited.
    After that morning up on San Bernardino Mountain, where I observed, undetected, James Rosscup in prayer, I remained convinced that as to me, he “wist not that the skin of his face shown.”

  45. John Baker says

    I am very excited to learn of this work from the pen of one of my favourite men at the Master’s Seminary. I was privilaged to have Dr Rosscup as my instructor in a number of classes and can say that this is a man who knows the subject of prayer. He is a man who quietly endures and who always trusts the sovereign workings of his Lord… a great example to young men… and humble and patient teacher. I look forward to having my own sometimes faltering prayer life enriched once again by this dear saint. Blessings and love to the good doctor… from Australia
    John Baker

  46. Dr. Rosscup was such a blessing to my life during my years at The Master’s Seminary. I had him for Hermeneutics and Biblical Exposition of Prayer. In both courses he demonstrated godly humility and love toward each student. His opening prayers exemplified a man who walked closely with God. I’m looking forward to his magnum opus on Prayer. Thank you Dr. Rosscup for your prayers, modeling Christ-like humility, and your kind, encouraging words during the sometimes difficult days of seminary.

  47. I had the privilege of studying both prayer and hermeneutics under Dr. Rosscup. He taught and modeled a faithful approach to God and to God’s Word. I look forward to learning again from Dr. Rosscup’s life-work on prayer. I’m sure it fruitfully combines his devotion to faithful expositon with his exemplary prayer life.

  48. Steve Cooley says

    I also was blessed to have Dr. Rosscup as a professor and academic counselor at Master’s. Whenever his name is mentioned, my thoughts are twofold: 1) he is the godliest man I have ever known; 2) his prayer life is the most Christ-like example I know. I am confident those two truths are entwined. I once asked him to pray for a specific situation where my wife and I were considering adoption. The situation ended with the pregnant woman aborting the baby, which devastated us. However, I neglected to tell Dr. Rosscup–and he continued to pray for the situation for many months! I love Dr. Rosscup and am so thankful for his passion for praying to the Lord. I am thankful for this collection and would delight in seeing it some day come to book format as well. Knowing Dr. Rosscup, I am certain this will be a meticulously researched and thought out book that will benefit generations of saints.

  49. William Chan says

    I am currently blessed to have Dr. Rosscup as a Hermeneutics professor at the Master’s Seminary. Prior to beginning school, in my great naivete, I knew little about the professors I would be studying under. I learned rather quickly, however, that Dr. Rosscup was one of the most highly regarded and respected instructors around. Upon beginning our first class, I expected to see an intimidating scholar, towering over students with his vast knowledge and acumen. What I found, however, was perhaps the most humble, kind professors I have ever had the pleasure to know.
    This humble spirit is readily evident in the way this man approaches Scripture. Even with his years of Bible-teaching experience, he never stops to rest on his laurels. One of his own goals listed in his syllabus seems to capture his heart the best: “To develop further my own interpretive skill. (I am learning too!)” He is never afraid to look at a differing interpretation, weigh the evidence with much prayer and humility, and seek, with all his might, a view that best honors the Lord he serves.
    Knowing that Dr. Rosscup has invested these years of study in the Exposition of Prayer is greatly encouraging. To hear our professor pray is to hear a man who has a deep reverence and abiding devotion to our Lord. That such a prayer life is rooted in the exposition of the Word comes as no surprise.
    Dr. Rosscup also has a clear, concise way of writing that I greatly appreciate. To think that such a succinct writing style could result in 3,000 pages tells me that there is certainly much to be said about prayer in Scripture!
    May the Lord use this work on prayer in a mighty way, to enrich and bless those who long to commune with Him.

  50. Dax Swanson says

    Many have already commented on God’s use of this man in their lives, especially through the instrument of prayer. I add my voice of thanks to God for Jim Rosscup.
    Perhaps in all of our lives, there are men who are used by God to point us toward patient, genuine faithfulness. For mine, Dr. Rosscup has exemplified in word and deed the life of the overcomer (1 John 4:4, 5:4-5), living passionately about truth yet steadfastly depending on and exalting God rather than self.
    Surely God will use this effort as He has Dr. Rosscups’ other efforts, for His glory and His purposes. Thank you, Dr. Rosscup!

  51. Dr. Rosscup not only writes about prayer; he prays. What he teaches, he practices. As a colleague, I treasure the results of his careful exegesis of Scripture. He pays attention to the minutest detail and is tenacious in his pursuit of solutions to interpretive problems. Jim is not only a teacher, a colleague, an exegete, and a prayer warrior, he loves people. In addition, his gentle southwestern drawl and calm demeanor enhances a deep abiding love for the Old West–something that comes out in his pastime as a Western writer under the nom de plume, Jim Ross. One really gets to know this Christian gentleman and scholar when you saddle up with the Dunlee brothers and ride the New Mexico Territory range in the late 1800’s. Jim’s prayer life is as real and as fragrant as the juniper and sage in Arizona and New Mexico. Thanks for letting us kneel alongside you in prayer and ride along with you through the Scripture, Jim! Jim Rosscup’s work on prayer will become one of the most treasured works I have in my Libronix library and on my shelves.

  52. Talk about a comprehensive resource! Having electronic access to all of Dr. Rosscup’s years of devotion to this vital topic is huge. TMS students will line up to testify to this dear saints commitment to faithful study and a life of ministry that matches what he’s taught us.
    May the fruit of his labor extend for generations to come.

  53. Mark Axelson says

    Dr. Rosscup has blessed TMS faculty and seminarians, including me, in numerous ways. A scholar whose Commentaries for Biblical Expositors helps each of us find the gems for preaching the Word, he is also the one who entrusts us with his 3-inch condensed overview on prayer for a two-hour class. A man of integrity, all of us can see the humility that resulted from the long exposure to the throne of grace, and the Word of truth. As a professor, he willingly listened to our well-meaning but often off-target comments, and considered if there were not some small nugget to commend in the boulder of ore.
    How often he has called us to precision in the Truth, and sincere depth in prayer. Upon returning our first papers in Hermeneutics, he spent fifteen minutes expressing his concern and deep prayer that we would not be discouraged from the ministry as a result of his [gracious yet] honest evaluation. Part of his secret has to be his self-control. The same discipline that leads him to enduring prayer, also produces thank you notes for cookies the next morning, and the faithful support of his ailing dear wife Mildred for many years.
    I am thankful to Libronix for publishing this Prayer opus for which we have long prayed. And most especially we are thankful to God for raising up such a servant as Dr. Jim Rosscup, and empowering His work through him.