Listen to Dr. H. Wayne House’s Lecture

This past Monday (October 22) Dr. H. Wayne House gave his lecture “The Jesus Who Never Lived: False Christs and the Authentic Jesus.”

Click here to listen to Dr. House’s lecture.

Dr. House spoke for approximately one hour and then took questions for another 15 minutes. One of the highlights of his lecture was the incorporation of content from the Dead Sea Scrolls into New Testament interpretation. Dr. House had some amazing things to say regarding what the Jews would have expected from a Messiah, and how Jesus fulfilled those expectations in his life and teaching.

This lecture is highly recommended for those who want to combat the inaccuracies of some modern thoughts on the identity of Christ – including the Da Vinci Code, the Jesus Seminar, and the late Peter Jennings’ documentary on the historical Jesus.

Enjoy the lecture!


  1. Jonely Moy says

    Very Cool! Thank you once again. Please keep the recordings coming!

  2. Jonely Moy says

    Very Cool! Is there anyway to download the lecture in mp3 format so I can listen to it on my iPod much like the last time?
    Thank you once again. Please keep the recordings coming!

  3. William Dirr says

    Awesome!!! I have a suggestion. Maybe you guys could video record each lecture and at the end of the year offer a video series on Libronix,similar to the WORD Pictures videos, where they are searchable by verse and/or topic. That would be sweet!!!!

  4. Jonely, if you right-click the link and select “Save Target As…” you can save the file as an MP3. After doing this you should have no problems moving it to a digital audio device.

  5. David Hilty says

    Any way to post a transcript?

  6. Thank you for posting your audio.