Using Exegetical Guide When Reading Greek NT or Hebrew Bible

I was hanging out with some Logos users at Camp Logos II, held here in Bellingham on August 27-28, when my friend and colleague Johnny asked me about ways to emulate a “Reader’s Greek New Testament” inside of Logos. Johnny is always working on his Greek (and Hebrew) skills as he’s pursuing a Masters degree up at Regent College. He wanted to read the Greek NT but only have glosses available for words (lemmas) that occur less than, say, 20 times in the Greek NT.
There is a way to do this, but you might not think of it. It involves paring down your Exegetical Guide preferences and also using the chain link to link your Exegetical Guide with the Greek New Testament.
Don’t worry, I recorded a video to explain how you can do this too. Check it out.


  1. Steve Maling says:

    Once again, many thanks for articles such as this which help us do two things: a) learn more about what our wonderful purchases can do for us in study that undergirds our ministries; b) stretch our imaginations to try figuring out things we can do that we would not have imagined without your stimulation.

  2. Ken Neighoff says:

    Thanks for the great tip.

  3. Brian Davis says:

    Thanks for passing this on. Keep up the great ideas.

  4. Marvin Jackson says:

    This is very helpful.

  5. Matt Boutilier says:

    Thanks for the video. It seems as though I am always learning new things about Logos. What a blessed resource. One more thing. I have Wallace’s Grammar, but I purchased it elsewhere. It is a Pradis package. Is there any way that I can include it in my Logos?