The Concept of the Godhead in the Old Testament

Tonight’s edition of the Logos Lecture Series features Dr. Michael Hesier, academic editor at Logos. Dr. Heiser will discuss “The Concept of the Godhead in the Old Testament” at 7:00 PM at Mount Baker Theatre in Bellingham, WA.

Dr. Heiser provided this summary of his lecture:

As both extrabiblical historical sources and the New Testament book of Acts informs us, Christianity arose from Judaism. Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew. The apostles and first followers of Jesus were Jews. How is it then, that on one hand, God-fearing Jews, whose holy Scriptures affirmed that there was only one God, could worship both the God of the Bible and Jesus as God? How could any Jew reconcile worship of Jesus with monotheism? And how is it that Jewish Christians were simultaneously willing to suffer death at the hands of the Roman Empire rather than deny monotheism? Rather than consider first century Jews as religiously confused or closet polytheists, as many scholars today would contend, the answers to these questions are found in the Old Testament, which reveals the ancient faith of Israel contained the idea of a godhead long before its expression in the New Testament.

This same topic was the subject of Dr. Heiser’s Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He will approach the subject with an advanced understanding of the original languages of the Bible, which will help uncover some fascinating intricacies in the Old Testament.


  1. Steve Maling says

    Can Dr. Heiser’s lecture be made available in video or audio form for those of us unable to get to Bellingham?

  2. Yes, this would be nice. It would be great to see some of these lectures taped in some way and made available by Logos … or maybe to those who have bought Logos.

  3. Yes, I am very interested in hearing this lecture with no chance of being able to get there from Cincinnati, Ohio. Please make arrangments at least for the Logos customers. Brian

  4. Rick Montgomery says

    I second that motion…its kind of a tease for people reading your blogs from around the world,and then realizing that the liecture is only available in Bellingham:)

  5. James Schafer says

    A hearty AMEN! to making this available. From the Gulf Coast of Texas, wouldn’t be possible to be there in person and I feel this would be great information for all of the “family.”

  6. I wish I could be there. An audio podcast would be awesome!

  7. This and other lectures in the series would really interest me, but since I live in Switzerland, it is impossible for me to attend. Please do make them available to Logos owners.

  8. The topics presented have always been interesting and I have often wished that I could attend. If not available by audio or video, would it be possible to get a copy of the presentation posted on the Logos website?

  9. I suggest Logos start a new satellite TV channel called ‘The Logos Channel’ (abbrev. ‘LOGOS’) likely in a similar manner to other satellite channel ministries, to broadcast on DirecTV, Dish Network and cable channels.
    Dr. Michael Hesier’s lecture and others could routinely be broadcasted from The Logos Channel, and web site Libronix books on CD could be offered on this channel at certain times (perhaps in a segment called the ‘Logos Shopping Network’ that is structured similarly to QVC and Home Shopping).
    The LOGOS Channel could also broadcast Bible archaeology documentaries and have fund raising events for various Logos approved charitable organizations.
    Just a few suggestions.

  10. I will add to the interest of this lecture being made available.

  11. I will add my interest to this and suggest a live podcast would be a simple thing to arrange for the tech. ministry at LOGOS.

  12. I can only say amen to all the previous replies to this request to be able to hear this lecture. I have already read some of Dr.Hesier’s work and it startled me just how much we lack teaching of his quality. I do pray that his insights into scripture will be made available to a very wide area of the church. My thanks to him for already opening my eyes.

  13. Amen, I would love to see, and or, hear all past, present, and future lectures. Maybe you could offer a video series of all the lectures, something like the Word Picture videos. That would be sweet………

  14. Sadly the camtasia format on the web ( is woefully over compressed and needs to be re-encoded without the audio artifacts.