Syntax Search Example: Modifiers in 1Ti 6.10

I was working my way through the first portion of 1Ti 6.10 the other day. This is the well-known clause, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils” (1Ti 6.10a, ESV).

I was specifically looking at “… of all kinds of evils”, and had some ideas on how to use syntax searching to help me examine that portion of the verse. It was too much to write down; at almost 15 minutes it was nearly too long for a video (I ramble a bit at the end, though).


  1. Brian Davis says

    Very helpful, Thanks

  2. Michael Garvey says

    Very helpful. The use of syntax in the study is something I have not understood well at all and this demonstration has given me a glimpse of what I have been missing. Thanks again.
    Mike Garvey

  3. thanks for the vid…
    I do have a problem….my text looks nothing like yours! The syntax is marked out much differently…does one of us have an old version of something?
    I’m running latest beta….