New video of Logos for the Mac

Logos Bible Software for the Mac is getting closer all the time! Yesterday we were able to record our first video showing the software in action.

Click on the image below to view the high-res version of that video. The video may take a few minutes to load. If you really can’t wait, you can view the low res version by clicking the link below the image.

Please note that the video has no sound.

High Resolution (33 MB)Low Resolution (18 MB)

The software is showing books, running searches, comparing versions, creating a Passage Guide, and more. (Today we even inserted a shipping DVD and discovered, copied, and viewed existing electronic books without modification.)

There are bugs to fix, help files to write, features to hook up, and some polishing we need to do on the user interface. It shouldn’t be too long before we’re able to release an Alpha for external testing.

Just a reminder: There is no beta list. When we’re ready for Alpha or Beta testing, we will announce it to this email list and at So please do email us your encouragement and feedback, but please don’t email us asking to be on the top-secret, VIP-only, private early beta list. Because there isn’t one. :-)


  1. Darrel Shemwell says

    I’m looking forward to the mac version, hope you can get it active soon, can’t download the movie, not sure what the problem is

  2. Jerry Laviña says

    Likewise here, I was planning to get the Scholar’s Editon for Windows initially but since I’m going to have a MacBook; decided to wait for your Mac version. Looking good. God bless!

  3. Keep on! You have the best stuff for PC and the MacBook has much more stable OS. Make sure you don’t introduce before Leopard is announced. Two big winners… Forget backward compatible… go for the gusto… the very best with the very best.

  4. Will Varner says

    It looks good – very good in fact. I just proofed my review of Logos 3.0 for the Masters Seminary Journal in the fall issue.
    I also have a Mac and I am looking forward to the release.
    This is not a request to be put on the Secret List, but would welcome the opportunity to provide any input from a more academic perspective.

  5. TX Ciclista says

    Oooooo. Getting closer everyday. I had to cave and buy Quickverse (got a good deal) but it’s already more than inadequate compared to logos. Can’t wait to switch back to my Scholar’s Library and dump Quickverse. I AM correct that the Logos for mac will basically migrate existing Windows purchases of Logos to Mac, yes? (Please say yes)

  6. I am thinking about switching to mac but one thing holding me back is how much I have invested in Logos. Will I be able to simply upgrade to mac from my current library?

  7. Leon Crouch says

    I am looking forward to the Mac Version of Logos. I am one who will use this program a lot. Thanks for your effort to make this program available.

  8. Christopher says

    Is there any news since August?
    I’ve recently converted from Windows to Mac and the only reason I still use my Windows-based Dell is for my studies with my extensive Logos library.
    Hurry, hurry, hurry. Pleeease….

  9. Nice; looks clean and very usable. Makes me want to pine for a Logos client for my Nokia Internet tablet ;)

  10. Amazing :) It’s such a shame more folks don’t know about this site, this had exactly what I needed this morning XD

  11. I was one of the first to buy the original Kindle, and quite frankly found it to be a big nuisance. It would frequently hang requiring resetting, and the page control buttons were too long and always in the way. Consequently, I didn’t use it much.
    Kindle 2 so far, as a reader, has been flawless. The battery lasts for about 3 days of heavy use