Lightfoot’s Apostolic Fathers (English) Updated

Awhile back, we released the Apostolic Fathers in Greek and English (3 editions, with morphology).
In this collection, J.B. Lightfoot’s classic English translation was only versified to chapter boundaries. That’s the way it is in the print, so that’s how the Logos edition was done.
Or, I should say, that’s how it was originally done. We’ve updated the resource and added versification down to the verse level. So it should now synch-scroll properly. If the Lightfoot English translation is one’s preferred Apostolic Fathers edition, then it will keylink more accurately.
You can download the resource (APFTHLFTENG.lbxlls) from our FTP site: First, shut down your Logos Bible Software if it is running. Next, save the above referenced file to wherever you keep your resources on your hard drive (typically c:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources). Then start up your Logos, and you’re ready to go.


  1. If we can download it from the FTP site, does that mean its free? Why use FTP, most users are much more familiar with HTTP? (Even though most modern browsers can handle basic FTP operations).
    [[David — the update is free to those who already have the Apostolic Fathers product, it is just downloading a new form of the resource. We maintain an FTP site with all of the resources that we distribute at; one may download directly from the site, monitor the site using standard FTP tools, or use update scripts provided by Logos to grab new resources. — Rick]]

  2. Thanks Rick — and oh by the way, I appreciate the email telling me about the Blog and the updated resources.

  3. George Lyons says:

    Thanks! This helps explain why you have loyal users.

  4. Bryden Black says:

    Nice and simple! well done folks! Tho’ I do still use the old Schaff lot as well, as also found in DLS

  5. Goran Lennartsson says:

    I find the Apostolic Fathers very useful.

  6. windows won’t let me open this,,,not sure what to do
    [[Pat — there are brief instructions on copying and saving the file at the bottom of the post. — Rick]]

  7. Marcus Baird says:

    So a regular update will not retrieve the new file?
    [[Marcus — My understanding is that the update script [] draws from this source nightly, so the regular resource update script should do the update. — Rick]]

  8. Donald P. Owens, Jr., Ph.D. says:

    My computer hard drive has crashed. Therefore I am not able to get this update until my new one arrives (could be two weeks). Can I get a rain check on this?
    Donald Owens

  9. Charles L. Collett says:

    Thanks for the update and info on how to download. It worked well I think. I sure enjoy the LIbronix system.