Happy Trails, Daniel Foster

A key member of the Logos Blog team has packed up his keyboard and headed east, to live near family. Daniel Foster was a regular contributor to this blog and his wide variety of posts displayed extraordinary versatility and knowledge of biblical studies and technology.

Two years ago Daniel introduced himself to the blogosphere and since then he has contributed an amazing 241 posts. For those who wonder what he’ll be doing with his newfound spare time after his retirement from blogging, much of it will be filled taking care of his soon-to-be-born third daughter (also known as Foster 3.0 around the office).

Daniel was always a stickler for quality and grammatical correctness, but here are a few of his more memorable posts:

If you are interested in filling Daniel’s shoes check out www.logos.com/jobs and fill out the ‘application’.

Also, feel free to comment on this blog article to show your appreciation for Daniel’s hard work on the Logos Blog.


  1. Daniel, it was a pleasure reading your blog posts, corresponding with you via email, and talking to you on the phone. You’re already missed! Blessings on you and your family!

  2. It is sad to hear that you’re leaving. I have really appreciated your posts and gen. communication about Logos software. God bless and congrats on 3.0!

  3. We’ll miss you. We’ve appreciated your work, Daniel.

  4. Kelly & Janice Osborne says

    How could you?! Janice and I move out to CA and were looking forward to being in the same time zone as you and Rachel and the girls, and here you pull up stakes and head back to MI! Please let us know what is happening. Say “Hi” to your folks, too. Sorry we “missed” you, but trust you’ll keep in touch. Every blessing,
    Kelly (and Janice, of course).

  5. Thanks all! How kind…
    I so enjoyed working at Logos and getting to be a part of the blog. I’m sure you’ll see me appear in the comments now and again…and who knows maybe I’ll submit a guest post sometime. :-)
    Kelly, bummer timing but we’ll be in touch. Wear your Logos t-shirt proudly at Master’s!

  6. George F. Somsel says

    Not bad for a guy from Hope! Go Calvin!
    Good luck in all you do, and be sure to keep in touch as you mentioned above.

  7. Hey Daniel, I hope all goes well and you enjoy being close to family! You were great work with and congrats on your little girl!
    Is that Master’s Seminary? I’ll be looking out for you, Kelly, next week during orientation.