Logos for the Mac Update

(This progress update from Bob Pritchett was sent last night to the Logos for the Mac email list and posted here.)

Work continues on Logos Bible Software for the Mac. As oflate June’sintermediate release:

Search Status:

  • Basic Search is completed
  • Topic Search is in progress
  • Bible Search is completed, this still requires bug fixing

Book Display Status:

  • Tool bar continued work is in progress
  • Resource Window Navigation Controls is completed
  • Reference/Index items in Resource Display Toolbar is completed
  • Window Linking is completed
  • Tooltip Support is in progress

Reports Status:

  • Company Info is complete
  • About This Resource is complete
  • Bibliography Report is complete
  • Passage Guide is under development
  • Passage In All Versions is complete except for some Toolbar areas
  • Parallel Bible Versions is complete except for some Toolbar areas
  • Compare Parallel Bible Versions is complete except for some Toolbar areas
  • Auto-Lookup Report is under development
  • Exegetical Guide is under development


  1. I’m ready to order my Logos for Mac today! Will there be a “prepub” early ordering system available? Keep those updates coming….

  2. Len Banks says:

    I know you are all shy about stating the expected/hoped completion date having missed some dates already. But I switched to MAC back in October and really want a bible software. I was willing to wait for you to finish, but now I am growing weary. Please give us a sense of when you might be ready or I will have to give up and go for the QuickVerse.

  3. Tim Pope says:

    I am from Australia and am extremely interested in getting Logos Gold edition for my mac is there an expected completion date in mind?

  4. Pls update me when the mac version is available and advise re upgrading costs

  5. Len,
    I’ve been a dual mac/win user for awhile and when I stopped working for Logos back in 2005 (my disclaimer), much like you, my wife and I switched to Mac exclusively over a year ago.
    You may be already familiar, but Logos (for me) runs very well on my Intel MacBook using Parallels (http://www.parallels.com). If you’ve got a currently unused XP disc/serial lying around from an old beige box, you can download a trial key and try it for 30 days. IF you’re a PowerPC owner, then no love.
    Of course, if you haven’t already invested in Logos and don’t have a massive library like I have, I can understand the apprehension to buying a non-native program plus emulator all at once with hopes that it satisfies. But Quickverse’s feature set and library size pales in comparison.
    Also waiting with baited breath for Logos for Mac, ex-salsa cookoff runnerup from 2003 (Pace mixed with cottage cheese should NOT have won…but I’m not still bitter…)
    Michael DiMarco

  6. I would like to echo the need to have some time projection for completion of the Mac version. I am very much a converted MAC user and need Bible software. I am going to have to move toward the one other strong program for Mac unless I know a reasonable time of expectation. Thanks for doing this. There are a lot of us using Mac’s and more coming “over” every day.
    John Daniel

  7. Peter Nathan says:

    Any chance of a beta version of the Mac edition of Logos 3?

  8. Cool! I just pre-ordered the Leader’s Library! Can’t wait to get my DVD Rom! How long will it take? Thanks for the heads up, ya’ll!