Froot Loops & Free Bibles

We try to keep Logos Bible Software as inexpensive as possible considering all the value in the bundles, but that’s not enough for some people. For them the only right price is free.Some years back, a customer called one of our international distributors to report an epiphany in which God told him this distributor would send a free copy of the software. To which the quick-thinking distributor responded, “Fine, I’ll send it as soon as God tells me your address”.

But we’ve never experienced anything quite like what happened this past weekend. Here’s how the AP reports it:

A Bible software business was vandalized with pornography and devil-worship symbols, and a man has been arrested and taken to a hospital for evaluation, police said.

Satanic and Nazi symbols, pornography and other graffiti marred the Logos Research Systems Inc. main building and shipping department, located in separate downtown buildings last weekend, executive assistant Brenna Sebens said.

Regular light bulbs were replaced with red ones in a bathroom and there were disturbing paintings, satanic symbols and crude writing on the walls, she said.

…Police said officers were dispatched following a report of a man throwing Froot Loops cereal and pieces of paper out of an apartment window in the shipping department building Saturday morning.

According to the police report (and some of the graffiti), the man arrested believed very strongly that information should be free. The Bellingham Herald reported that he “told officers he felt the company was charging him money for Bibles when he could get them for free…”

Perhaps someone should have told him Logos doesn’t run on Linux anyway. (Just a joke!)

Some photos:

I’d like to say we were completelyshocked by this vandalism, but it’s not the first time we’ve experienced graffiti directed at the company or disturbed people walking into the office. But in the big picture, these are small frustrations. I think the email Bob Pritchett sent to the office after discovering the vandalism models what, ultimately, must be our reaction to such events:

I was pretty angry at first, but I think that’s the wrong reaction.

When a drunk driver drove through our church window, my pastor confessed to being pretty upset. But he soon realized that the (chronic) drunk driver, responsible as he remains for his actions, was in worse shape than our broken entryway. After putting up plywood he spray-painted it with large letters: “We forgive you.”

I want to exercise as much wisdom and grace.

Pray for us, that we would have the mind of Christ in all things.


  1. That’s just creepy. I wonder if the person responsible works for a living. If he does, his boss should cut off his salary and tell him that God told him he should work for free.
    It’s funny that the people with their hands always out are the very ones who contribute least to society.
    As to punishment- throw the book at him. …

  2. David Webster says

    Good response Bob.

  3. Danny Hinton says

    Ironically, It sounds like the offender may be
    a fruit loop.:-)
    Grace is free, but implementing the Great Commission does cost.

  4. Scott Brewer says

    Two things:
    First, I appreciate you guys at Logos. I’ve met a couple of you at trainings and I love your product. Sorry you’re having to deal with this.
    Second, I had something similar happen in my church office years ago. We prayed for the disturbed guy that did it. Sometime later when he got out of prison he was a sane, repentant Christ follower. I’ve blogged about it at
    I’m praying for all of you today.

  5. Having just returned from a High School youth camp, where one night the message was that “Mercy is not getting what you deserve, and Grace is getting what you don’t deserve” I think this article pretty much represents that statement (at least from the Logos side of the house).
    Yes, as my wife continually says “God allows us to experience the consequences of our actions.” The man will probably be tried (at our expense, it won’t be free). And, he’ll probably have to spend some time behind bars (again, at our expense). But, and I’m sure that Bob’s frustration and immediate reaction/response has been tempered by both Mercy (Bob did not “go and do thou likewise” to the “froot loop”) and Grace (praying for guidance and offering forgiveness, even after having been so terribly violated and offended).
    My prayers are with you all — it could happen to any of us, at any time.
    P.S. What I don’t understand about the man’s compaint(s) is that the Libronix DLS has been, and still is free. Anyone can go to the website and download a copy of the program, without any restrictions. What part of “free” doesn’t he understand?

  6. I noticed the police are not treating this as a hate crime, and I understand and appreciate your gracious response, but in 2001 the Bellingham City Council unanimously passed a resolution denouncing terrorism and hate crimes.
    The resolution states “That Bellingham City Council condemns all hate crimes and declares its support for the rights of our community members to live without fear of violence, intimidation or discrimination for any reason including race, ethnicity, national origin, color, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender, religion or mental, physical or sensory handicap.”
    If Christianity wasn’t involved here but instead, sexual orientation, wouldn’t it be handled a tad differently?
    Got to love liberal communities.

  7. PLEASE do punish this fellow to the fullest extent of the law for his actions. This kind of distruction is common in the urban ghetto where I pastor. Please do have a Christian rededication service for the Logos properties so any evil he invited in will be removed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  8. Wow, thats quite sad. I am interested by the extremity of this man’s beliefs. It is interesting that he is pursuing bible’s while embracing satanic symbols? I hope you guys are able to quickly recover from this disturbance.

  9. Ken Shawver says

    Bob excellent answer. The Great Commission does cost to get the Good News into this hurting world. Those of us who use the additional tools you have provided us to reach out appreciate your dedication to this commission.
    Free is always nice, but the quality that God wants us to do our work isn’t free at all. It takes our time, talents and treasures to do it. My thought is if God wants me to have a particular resouce He provides the funding one way or another. This has been proven true for me from my first purchase of the Pastor’s Library to this day. I put my complete trust in Him.
    May God bless each and everyone of you an keep you safe.
    In Christ.

  10. Bruce Gilliland says

    I doubt free Bible software was the real issue here, but if it was, there are several free programs that include free Bibles and other books. I have a couple. However, all the books are in the public domain where copyrights have expired. The few copyrighted books that can be used with these programs have to be purchased. I guess the internet and file swapping is creating a generation that thinks that everything must be given to them.

  11. Charles Cherry says

    This is just plain sick.
    Regarding the issue of free vs. pay, I used the excellent freeware program e-Sword for many years before finally purchasing the Scholars Gold edition. E-sword was quite sufficient for my needs until I started attending Bible college and needed the original language tools and more advanced commentaries.
    (I also “paid” for e-sword by sending donations, but that is entirely voluntary.)
    How does Logos feel about giving their software to pastors and church leaders in developing countries where the people are living in abject poverty?
    I do a lot of work with pastors in Myanmar, which is the seventh poorest nation on earth, and where the average family lives on about $.63 per day. The only way these guys are going to get access to tools like Logos are through donations. What I paid for the Scholars edition might as well be a billion dollars to someone living on less than a dollar a day.
    I would love to buy several copies for the few theological schools in Myanmar, but unfortunately I am on a limited budget too. What other options are available for these pastors?

  12. Dale Sadler says

    Hello, I’m Dale Sadler, the “Froot Loop” vandal who did the “set design” and masterminded the 7/7/7 attack!

    I have recently moved away from Bellingham, and just wanted to state my reason(s) for this vandalism.

    First of all, I lived about four blocks from “LOGOS RESEARCH SYSTEMS” when they were in Oak Harbor, and lived above their shipping department for nearly two years in Bellingham. The amount of waste they produce is ridiculous.
    They do NOT recycle.
    They use harmful aerosol sprays to ‘disable’ their software and then throw recycleable plastic right in to the trash.
    There are several companies who pelletize used cds and make park benches for people to enjoy, instead of sending them to the dump. I have witnessed thousands upon thousands upon thousands of cds thrown from the shipping department at LOGOS right into the garbage.
    I think it’s funny that they believe that I just want a free copy of ‘their’ software.
    In my own research, I have discovered that the average life span of a un-abused CD left out in the light was 10 years…. and, that the average desktop PC has a functional lifespan of roughly two to five years.
    I own a Bible, which was printed on hemp paper, that will last (with proper care) at least FORTY times as long as any computer on the market.
    To make a long story short, the Bible that I own was printed on paper that did not harm even one tree to produce. I’m not 100% sure what was used for the ink, binding and cover, but I’m sure that it is more earth friendly than the OIL BASED products that families are being MURDERED for EVERY DAY to produce computers, cd burners, and of course CD’S.
    That’s right, people are being MURDERED for the ability to read and ‘study’ and ‘research’ the Bible on computers. (Of course the software does not run on Linux, only profit driven companies like Windows’ software can read their ‘Bible’.)
    *Can anyone tell me what the “ROOT OF ALL EVIL” is????*
    I have not tested the Logos Research Systems ‘product’ , but if they’ve really done the “research”, I’m sure that the Bible software will include:
    It talks about Paul’s adversaries who cloaked their own grasping character, since their method of operation was to demand payment for their ‘professional’ services…
    In my opinion, the folks behind the profit driven company with the deceitful name “Logos Research Systems” are (to quote the Bible … “false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.”
    that’s straight out of the Bible.
    This is open for debate. . .of course, maybe the Logos version of the Bible has more facts than the original.
    I think there has been enough “research” done on the Bible to know the truth, and that the smart people working full time at LOGOS RESEARCH SYSTEMS, staring all day into liquid crystal computer monitors, and shipping out extremely overpriced “bibles”… would be better suited to use their skills to help build our community, educate and entertain our children, our addicts, our homeless, our healthcare system, our elderly, etc. etc. etc.
    long after the Oil is gone, and the electricity is all used up, and the computer no longer work….. there will be copies of the Bible….millions of them, for people to read and research… printed on paper….. and full of truth.
    Stop wasting your time and your money.
    All of you.