With Whom Am I Speaking?

Guest blogger Mark VanDyke, formerly a Logos support rep,works in the marketing department at Logos.


Carmen Cazares-Tovar (Spanish Support) in action.

Whenever I speak with a customer service representative over the phone I can’t help but wonder…where on earth is this person? What are their working conditions like? Have they seen the light of day in the past 48 hours?

Then it hit me. People who call Logos’ customer support linemight be wondering the same thing.

For starters, Logos has three types of customer service reps: Spanish support representatives, customer support (or CS) representatives and technical support reps. CS reps are on the front lines of the Logos support team. That’s who you’ll be talking with if you need help with basic program operations like installation or product activation. If a call requires advanced intervention it will be forwarded to a technical support rep.

There are currently 27 people working in the customer support department. While many companies’ call centers resemble Industrial Revolution sweatshops, the Logos Customer Support staff actually has some of the best offices in the entire company. In addition to the charming decor and natural light their workspace features a ping pong table and copious amounts of nerf darts (which, of course, accompany the 2 or 3 nerf guns in circulation).

If you end up contacting Logos customer support, here are just a few of the people who you might be on the other end of your call.


From Left to Right Sarah Swier (Technical Support), Elizabeth Borries (CS), Mark French (Technical Support) and Adam Borries (CS).


Mike Bryant (Technical Support) and Luc Button (CS) also known around customer support as Shake’n’Bake, respectively.


Tara Everret (Customer Support) has the best view in the house.

The Logos customer support staff will tell anyone that we have the greatest customers in the world – and our customers have a lot of great things to say about them too…

“I want to tell you what a wonderful experience it was to deal with your customer service. I worked with two women who were polite, patient, kind, calm…. list goes on. (The process) was very simple because they made it that way.”–Karen from Precept Ministries


“I’ve had a chance to interact three times with Logos support, and they have been immediately helpful and pleasant to deal with. Anyone who has ever tried tech support for some other product knows what a big deal this is. The staff there genuinely seems to love both their product and the customers. Could it be an act? Sure…But I’m willing to believe the illusion, aren’t you?”–Brian,Dluxe’s World

It takes a certain type of person to enjoy solving software issues for 40 hours each week. Is it the chic office or the ping-pong that keep the Logos CS reps going? We asked Jerry Godfrey, Manager of Customer Support, who explains,

“When I’m being served as a customer there is no better feeling than receiving great service, and being treated with care and respect. Here at Logos we constantly work to help all of our customers as well as we possibly can. I really enjoy being a part of a team that truly enjoys making our customers happy and satisfied.”


  1. Not the best quote I’ve ever given, but I’ll take it! :-)

  2. Corey Sherman says

    The Logos Customer Service representatives are heavily customer-centric. In one case, a rep tracked down a supervisor to get approval to match another site’s lower price for a particular item — and called me back to confirm that the order had been sent. In another, the technical support rep had to research a problem I was having. She returned my call the next day with a solution — while, unbeknown to her, another rep had already emailed the instructions (two responses for the price [free] of one). I’ve even had someone contact me about a software price special too good to pass up. I am a huge fan of Logos. The service and support are just as good as the product — and that’s saying a lot!

  3. then you have to bake it. “Shake n Bake”!

  4. First, you have shake it..

  5. Ken Shawver says

    LOGOS does have the best support and sales staff I have encountered. I work for a software company and I’ve seen good and bad customer service and LOGOS has been fabulous each time I ahve had to contact them for support or sales.
    Keep it up and thanks!

  6. Chris Carolane says

    I want to say how helpful I found both Customer Support and Technical Support. I had just bought an upgrade of LOGOS and it would not activate. Here I am in Australia thinking no one could help but I had an answer withing a few hours of my email request for help and the support kept coming until the problem was fixed. Thank you so much for your quick and helpful support.

  7. Logos staff are simply fabulous. You are living out Christ admirably in the workplace. Keep it up and may Jesus enrich you more and more.