What the Bible says about…

Did you know about the free service offered by Logos that lets Internet users find out what the Bible says about a topic? And did you know you could host this free topical lookup on your own site?

The URL is http://wbsa.logos.comand here’s what it looks like:

Enter topic, click “Search!” When you click through on a result, you’ll see a list of Bible verses linked to Bible Gateway so you can read verses in the Bible version of your choice. I searched on riches, which alsowildcard-matches ostriches.

Who knew the Bible had so much to say about ostriches? Even a quick survey of these 12 verses shows some difference of opinion among translators as to whether the animal named is an owl or an ostrich. And there’s a strong association between jackals and ostriches/owls as inhabitants of desolate places.

I hinted at the beginning of the post that you could put this lookup on your own site, and you can! Just paste this code into your site:

<iframe frameborder=0 src=”http://wbsa.logos.com/module.htm” width=540 height=138></iframe>

The resultlooks something like this:


  1. It would be great if there were a side-bar sized option – one compatible with WP. Or is there?

  2. andrew travis pantazi says

    That is an amazing feature, I love it. I am definitely going to start using it. Fantastic!
    God Bless,
    Soli Deo Gloria,
    andrew travis pantazi

  3. Mike, there’s not another size available. Sorry. And no API, though that would be cool.

  4. Daniel-
    How would I post this on my blogger site, or can I? Where would I paste that code? Thanks!

  5. Michael, I don’t use Blogger so I’m not certain. But if you’re able to post an html snippet in the sidebar or the footer that would be the place to try it.