Lange’s Lost Volume

I love a good story, and this one illustrates a couple of qualitiesLogos strives for and that we have touched on in previous posts: obsessive attention to detail and listening to customers.

A couple of weeks ago, Logos user Jerry Peterson wrote to to let us know about an oversight in our description of Lange’s Commentary on the Holy Scriptures (24 volumes)on the prepub page:

Dear Logos,I was elated to see that the Lange’s Commentary set has moved into the developing stage. I am one of the pre-publication purchasers of Lange’s 24-volume commentary. As I was reviewing the list of books today, I realized that the commentary on the Apocrypha is not included with this sale. I have the printed set. It contains 25 volumes with the Apocrypha as Volume XV of the Old Testament.

In the Preface, Philip Schaff wrote, “It has been deemed timely to issue, as a supplementary volume to Lange’s Bible-work (which is confined to the canonical books), a revised version of the Apocrypha, with critical and historical introductions and explanations. Homiletical hints would, of course, be superfluous for Protestant ministers and students.” The Preface was written on June 14, 1880.

Although I am a Lutheran pastor, I have appreciated having this additional commentary with my set. Please give serious consideration to adding this book to Lange’s Commentaries.

Thank you for the consideration.Jerry Peterson

Now this was news to us. A 25th volume…how could we have missed it? Clearly it was not arecent addition to the set, since it was published in 1880! This question hit particularly close to home since I wrote most of the original marketing copy for the product back when it was offered via Community Pricing.

It turns out that the publishers who reprint Lange’s commentary today have dropped the volume on the Apocrypha. I can only guess the reasons, but I suppose it was considered of little use to a largely Protestant readership and would have expanded the series beyond the tidy dozen double volumes used to contain the whole.

Once Lange’s “Lost Volume” surfaced, we had to decide what to do about it. The cost to order a copy of this rarebook and digitize the additional 680 pages was not part of our initial cost estimate.

Fortunately, the decision was not too difficult. It would be lame to publish an incomplete set, if we could possibly do the whole thing. We found a first edition copy, printed in 1880, which I’m now holding in my hands and which will soon join its 24 brethren to betyped and tagged.

The price of the collection will not be changed by the addition of this volume but we’ll feel better knowing it’s complete…and trust that you will appreciate the additional material. I know Pastor Peterson will!

Dear Daniel,

A big THANK YOU for including the 25th volume! I SO appreciate the work that Logos is doing. I NEVER expected to have a library to this extent! And I have literally run out of book space in my regular library. (And then, needless to say, the ability to have so much research at your finger tips is wonderful!)

Yes, please feel free to use my email… Glad to be of help.

Pr Jerry Peterson


  1. P. Keith Larson says

    Although I was unable to purchase Lange’s set, I am delighted to read this post. This is another example of why I chose to do business with Logos before other ebook publishers and why I so highly recommend Logos to others. Keep up the good work and my God bless you with an ever growing customer base!

  2. Joan Korte says

    You and Jerry made my day!!! Logos is doing their users a great service by including this volume. Thanks for the blog. Win-win situation.
    God Bless,

  3. Whyndell Grizzard says

    That is great news- even my searching the internet for used copies did not turn up this tidbit. Thanks Jerry good catch there :)

  4. Dale Durnell says

    Alas, I am still not interested in obtaining the Lange resource. However, that does not prevent me from cheering on those who view this work as something of a must have for their digital library.
    The integrity of the company however continues to amaze and impress this old “Bible thumpin’ country preacher boy” (as I was often called in seminary).
    To assume (absorb) the cost of keying in the “missing” volume is commendable (I question whether others in the industry would have made a similar decision).
    And, for me, the fact that you are willing to do what the “republisher” has not done — to provide a resource on the apocrypha is noteworthy. Yes, I’m a product of the post enlightenment protestant (read: English reformation) movement. But, I value the apocrypha and applaud you for stepping up to the plate on this (dare I suggest) historic note.

  5. Jonely Moy says

    Would you consider giving a Community Price break for those who originally put up a bid for the Lange Set in the Community Pricing program way back when before it was taken off due to nonresponse? This would be the most excellent way to help promote, and publicize the Community Pricing Program. Show’em how much they could have saved if they had taken advantage of the pricing program…Not to mention keep those of us who support, and believe in the program happy! :-)
    Jonely Moy

  6. Dennis G Edgar says

    Thank you for your generosity.
    I have ordered the series and am looking forward to receiving it.

  7. Arthur C. Sippo MD says

    I am absolutely delighted that the lost volume on the Apocrypha will be included in this set. Despite the prejudices of later Protestants, early Protestants Bibles — including Martin Luther’s German translation — contained the Apocrypha. Since Apostolic times, they have ALWAYS been a part of the Scriptures and most of these books are recognized by the oldest Christian groups as being equally inspired with the rest of the Bible.
    The importance of the Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha is recognized today by all Judaeo-Christian scholars. It would be utterly criminal to exclude this lost volume.
    Kudos to Logos for taking this bolds and important step to redressing the inequities and prejudices of the past.


  9. Jim Ruff says

    Thankfully, I bought a used copy of the volume on the Apocrypha years ago, and I’ve found it to be a valuable reference tool through the years. Thanks for your willingness to go ahead with the addition of all of the volumes of this time-tested commentary series to the Logos collection.
    May the Lord continue to bless your efforts,

  10. I just wanted you to know that your inclusion of this long-lost volume convinced me to go ahead and order this entire set from you. As you know, I am the author/editor of a title you carry, The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, a volume of cross references to every verse in the Bible. I am interested in Lange’s commentary because of the frequent reference to it made in George N. H. Peters’ three-volume work, The Theocratic Kingdom, considered the greatest work ever produced by an American prophetic scholar during the nineteenth century, and, far as my researches indicate, until now.

  11. Charles L. Collett says

    I have looked forward to the Lange commentary set being added by Logos. I first used Lange’s commentary in Seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and have desired a copy ever since. When Logos first put it on prepub I ordered it immediately and have looked forward to receiving it. Now thanks to Jerry Peterson and Logos we will have a complete set. Thanks to the Logos family we enjoy the best of research and ministry tools. Keep the resources coming and thanks much.

  12. Byron Silvera says

    I am patiently awaiting my copy of Lange’s series. Having just read your Blog makes me very pleased indeed. I am glad over your thinking that:
    “It would be lame to publish an incomplete set, if we could possibly do the whole thing.”
    This attitude demonstrates the touch of a quality company.
    B. H. Silvera

  13. Nathan Hui says

    Before I read the story of the discovery of this “lost scroll,” I have already decided to purchase the prepub. After I have read this wonderful story, I am sure my decision is firmly correct.

  14. Gary Baker says

    I used lange’s Commentaries throughout my Bible school days. It was a great resource. I told myself if I was ever able to get a set, I would do so. Unfortunately, as wonderful as the price is, I find I cannot get the set now. But no one who does get Lange’s Commentaries will be disappointed! Great work Logos.

  15. It is so heartening to deal with a resource supplier that recurrently evidences a kingdom perspective. Logos is a partner in ministry. Thanks.