New Bible Widget for Mac

Mac users can download the new and improved Bible Widget from www.LogosBibleWidget.comor

Thebiggest update is that thenew widget adds the ESV Bibleso you can instantly navigate to a verse in either the English Standard Version or King James Version Bible.

Logos Bible Widget version 2 is also much more streamlined, in response to requests from users who foundthe original widgetto be a desktop space hog. It’s alsovery good-looking, if I may say so (kudos to Sean Fields, Logos design director)…

Using the widget is simple: Type a Bible reference to jump to that verse. Click the forward or back arrow to jump to the next/previous verse; click the double arrows to jump to verse 1 of the next/previous chapter. You can copy/paste text from the verse window into another application.

To switch Bible versions, just flip the widget over.

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  1. This is great, however I’m left with the question: is Logos for the Mac ever going to come, or am I just left with this little widget?
    I’d love to see even a paid beta for those of us who bought Logos on the notion that a Mac version would be coming “soon.”
    Thanks for the widget…at least a quick lookup won’t require boot-camp. ;-)

  2. Yes, it’s coming. Sooner than the Second Coming, we hope. :-)
    The latest update (with screenshot) is here:
    Hopefully we’ll be able to post another update before long. Bob has been providing those but he’s on the road with the Bible Study Bus right now.

  3. Thanks Logos! The widget is great for those quick look-ups (what would be REALLY cool is a basic Speed Search in the widget :D)

  4. What about a gadget for the Windows Vista Sidebar?

  5. Please hurry. I want to take Parallels off of my Mac. This program is the only reason that I keep it on there. I need the Mac version soon!

  6. Jack Caviness says

    Thanks for the new widget. It is a welcome improvement, and reveals that Logos is indeed making progress in the Mac world. Unfortunately, your new widget still lags behind the one from Accordance in versatility. Although the arrows to advance the display by verse or chapter in better,
    It the same way with the full applications. They each have their own unique strengths, and it is difficult to say which is best. I thank God that I am fortunate enough to own a large number of resources in both.
    May He give you continued progress in this project
    Jack Caviness

  7. It would be nice if the Bible widget could post more than one text at a time. For example a series of texts could be seen and copied into other applications (such as John 3:15-21).

  8. Paolo Musso says

    Is it possible to have it in italian ?

  9. Kent Kersey says

    I love y’all, but haven’t we been hearing the same thing (“It will be available soon”) for a long, long time?

  10. Conrad, I agree. This was designed as a very simple, streamlined widget.
    Paolo, I don’t know of any plans for the widget to support other languages.
    Kent, the project has definitely taken longer than any of us anticipated. Every date given has been in good faith and based on feedback from the outside development firm. At this point, we’re not giving dates but progress reports instead. Please be assured that we’re absolutely committed to the Mac version and progress is being made on it every day.

  11. tim west says

    Need logos for Mac. Heard about it on Coast to Coast AM.
    Does Logos search LDS, BoM, D&C, Pearl of Great Price etc.?

  12. Edgar Ibarra says

    God bless you all.
    I know many times we set dates and plans that later we are not able to complete on time or complete at all, but in those situations the worst we can do is become critical.
    So, my prayers are with you in your effort to produce something that will greatly benefit may of us in our study of the Word of God. Meanwhile, I will keep using Logos in my PC and being thankful for having it there already.

  13. John Maher says

    I was in lengthy phone conversation with Bob immediately following his initial release of Logos (pre-Libronix) asking when and why there was no effort to provide comparable software for the Mac. This especially bugged me as a multitude of churches and Christian organizations with which I interacted were all adamant Mac users. Meanwhile, I grudgingly invested thousands with Logos to buy the Scholars Version and an incredible number of add-on books…all Windows compatible. When this Mac version is finally ready, will it be up to par with (or superior to ?!?) the Windows version, or will we Mac users be expected to accept a less-than-complete version (as compared to the Windows version) just to say that we have it. Will it be Leopard compatible when finally released, or will we then have to wait many months for an updated version? And will all of the add-on books that I purchased from Logos be able to be ported to, converted to, or swapped for Mac-compatible versions?

  14. says

    I agree a Vista gadget would be very helpful – a quick Bible search without launching the entire Logos suite would be great!