The Secret to Beating the Postage Increase

Buy your stamps for 10% off.

Yes, it’s pretty obvious I know, but 99% of the people reading this article don’t think it is possible – “isn’t it against the law for the post office to give discounts on stamps?” So what – you don’t have to buy them from the post office.

I know it sounds too good to be true, I thought so too until I figured out how to do it.

If you are like me, you have spent hours of your life poring over your expenses in every category, trying to find a place to shave off a percent or two here and there. Then you come to the postage category. You look at that solid and steadily increasing dollar amount, shed a few tears, and move on since you know there is no way to save on the actual postage itself. You can’t just stop mailing invoices or statements, and you can’t use bulk mail for them – you’re stuck.

After crying a few of those tears year after year, I read “Chapter 9: You Can Always Find 5%” from my favorite business book Fire Someone Todayand was determined to once and for all find a way to shave something off that number somehow. Everyone said it couldn’t be done – “Everyone knows there are no discounts on postage other than bulk mail.” I was more determined than ever to find a way to shave at least 5% off my postage expenses.

I talked to my post office representative, I called the postmaster, I asked the UPS guys, the mail forwarders, the bulk rate mailers, and everyone else I could think of. Then I called the local “Stamp & Coin” shop and hit pay-dirt.

It turns out that there are thousands upon thousands of people happily stockpiling stamps while completely oblivious to the fact that the vast majority of all stamps are, guess what… used as stamps, and will never be worth more than their face value. They buy every roll or book of postage issued, no matter how mass-produced they may be, hoping they will strike it rich with a bunch of collector’s items someday. Eventually they pass on and their heirs inherit tons of old postage with no special collectable value at all. They can’t use that much postage themselves, so they sell it to the local stamp and coin place at pennies on the dollar.

The beauty of the old postage is that it never loses its face value or expires. While it may be worthless as a collector’s item, it is still worth every penny printed on its face. Just like any other inventory item, the old postage purchased at a discount is often passed on at a discount. The more dollars the local shop has tied up in old postage inventory, the more likely they are to blow it out at a discount.

I went over to my local stamp and coin place and made a deal with them. They agreed to hand-apply the correct postage to my statement envelopes when they had down time if I agreed to buy my postage from them. Sounded like a no-brainer to me. They sold the postage to me for 10% off face value and applied it for free. Now I am saving 10% on all my postage and getting the labor for free in an expense category that I originally thought there wasn’t a penny to be saved in.

As a bonus, it seems like my invoices and statements are being opened more often. When my customers see the rare and often antique hand-applied postage stamps, they know a real person had to touch this envelope and not just a postage-meter or bulk mailer.

Every penny counts. On May 14th the postage rate change is a 5% increase to your competitors’ postage budgets.

Let it be the day it becomes a 10% decrease in yours.

Today’s guest blogger is Dan Pritchett, director of marketing for Logos Bible Software.

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  1. “…my favorite business book Fire Someone Today”.
    LOL – cheeky!

  2. Elizabeth Edmonds says


  3. Now this is a very clever idea! I work for DHL and hadn’t heard of this one. I will try this myself and cross link this from my blog too.
    Good one guys!

  4. Buying Postage Stamps at a Discount!

    Here’s a Clever Idea for Small Business Owners. In order to beat USPS rate hikes, buy old stamps at a discount from Stamp and Coin Dealers! Dan Pritchett at Logos Bible Software found a creative way to make a deal

  5. Yea, but how much is your time worth? Going to the Stamp & Coin, waiting for them to hand-apply or coming back to pick up, and still having to go the P.O.–the savings aren’t worth that much of my time.

  6. FYI…. Just got an envelope with postage stamps splattered the width of the envelope. For 41 cents you sent me an invioce stating I owe a penny Tell you what instead of me spending 41 sents to send you a penny I am willing to donate the penny and 41 cents to a donation bucket? Heck I’ll toss in another 58 cents and call it even ok?
    Love your products!

  7. An interesting thought or solution regarding the stamp savings, we could get as creative as the mental devotion regarding this matter.
    Eventually, we will be all digital and paperless, and when that happens, what will the USPS do about that? Of course, package deliveries will increase significantly, I believe. The USPS receives a lot of help from DHL, UPS, and FedEx in that area also. (smile)
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