Rick Warren, Collector

In arecent issue of Rick Warren’s MinistryToolBox email, Rick wrote,

One of the most helpful habits you can develop as a preacher is to become a collector. I’ve been a “collector” for years, and it has made my preaching much more effective. I’m not talking about a hobby. I’m talking about constantly being on the lookout for items that can be helpful for your messages.

He went on to describe his system for collecting Bible verses, memorizing the Word, and keeping word lists related to a subject. Rick uses plastic buckets from Wal-Mart to file articles, illustrations, and other ideas he comes across that may be useful in his preaching someday.

As soon as I saw Rick Warren’s article about being a collector, I dashed off an email to let him know about the new Sermon File Addin for Logos Bible Software that was just released today. I told Rick how, instead ofaccumulating piles of paper and having no way to efficientlysearch and organize his material, he could use Sermon File Addin to conveniently store it in one place—tagged, indexed, and ready to search!

That’s right…Sermon File Addin takes the power of the Libronix Digital Library System (which represents, I don’t know, several millions of dollars of research and development) and applies it to your ownsermons and illustrations. Wanna know more? Check out the video demo…

I haven’t heard back from Rick yet (does anyone have his direct line?)…so if you want to get an edge on Rick Warren you can add the Sermon File Addin to your digital library right now and benefit from the convenience of a fully digitized archive of sermons, illustrations and other ideas collected over time.


  1. Great! Except that at $50, it’s five times as expensive as some other programs out there that do the same thing. Yes, it’s nice to have everything in one spot, but I can’t say the savings in time is worth that much extra money.

  2. What is this like for weekly bible studies? Would this work or would I be better off with the book builder add-on? I assume the book builder add-in would be better if I want to share the books with others…

  3. Chris, a key benefit of Sermon File Addin is the integration with your digital library and having your own material show up in Passage Guide. Go with whatever suits your needs and fits within your budget.
    Darryl, the Libronix books produced by Sermon File Addin are only viewable by the user who produced them. So Sermon File Addin would be great for archiving your own Bible studies but you need Personal Book Builder if you want to share the material with other users.

  4. Jonely Moy says

    Is there an annual licensing fee associated with the Sermon File Addin, as with the Book Builder Addins?
    Also, if I have Libronix installed on my desktop, and on my laptop, will I be able to use the books created on both my computers?

  5. Great questions, Jonely. The answers are no and yes.

  6. So far I like the Sermon File Addin. But I do not like the fact that the “Publish to Logos Database” is already checked as the default setting. I think it should be unchecked. If the user overlooks unchecking that box “his own sermons” become Logos’ own sermons to publish as they will royalty free. I think that’s just wrong. It would be different if this was a freebie. That could be seen as a fair exchange. But I paid $50 for this. Please uncheck the box as the default setting in an update.

  7. Joan Korte says

    The sermon file add in concept begins to address a larger need, at least, that I can see would benefit me. The key is “file”. I envision more than two books, one for sermons and one for illustrations. Is there not a way to make a files (plural) add in to somehow store within Libronix– files on different topics as articles are discovered and collected?

  8. Thanks for the suggestion, Brad. We appreciate hearing your comments.
    Joan, if you are looking for a way to store/organize articles that you find within Libronix that is already available using Favorites. And with the infinitely flexible tagging capabilities of Sermon File Addin you could conceivably use it to collect illustrations (including articles) and organize them under your own topic headings.

  9. This sounds like a nice tool, although it really really needs support for PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files. Since Adobe has released the spec on the PDF format, there’s not much reason not to include this format.
    Incidentally, I agree with Chris, $50 is a lot for this. Whether logos realizes it or not, they are losing business because of PBB and their stance on sharing personal books. This should be easy and cheap. This will pull users into using Logos. I could quickly write down the names of 20+ people I know that have gone to Quick Verse and other products because Logos is so tight in this area.
    If I get Sermon List, how do I transfer the files to my second computer (Logos licensing allows for the product to be on two computers). Do I have to re-index everything?
    Just to re-iterate, aside from the high price and sharing deficiencies, please please please add support for PDF files.

  10. Dustin, are you asking for Sermon File Addin to import from PDF? Do you have sermons in PDF for which you did not retain the original word processing documents?
    If your Logos Bible Software licenses are installed on a second computer of which you’re the primary user (e.g., laptop and desktop), you can open and use your Sermon File books on the second computer, whether or not the Sermon File Addin is installed on the second computer. Your Sermon File books reside in My Documents\Libronix Resources.

  11. In finding out more about ‘Sermon List’ I was disappointed to find out that these are created in just two books (it certainly won’t make for nice footnotes).
    It appears I’m more interested in Personal Book Builder, but in my opinion Logos has let down it’s customer’s with this product. The personal edition should be free. I can’t believe the standard edition is $250. Other Bible study products include functionality like this much more cheaply. Not only is it $250, but that’s just for the first year.
    To me, it’s really disappointing, Logos has the opportunity to reach out and pull people into using their software more effectively, but they are price gouging on the product that would do it.

  12. Brian Benscoter says

    Thank you for the Sermon File addin! I confess that I am a “back-up” fanatic, so when I compile another chapter in my sermon book do I need to back up the resources folder and/or the My Documents / Libronix DLS / Sermon File folder? I see my sermons in the Sermon File folder, but wondered if the Resources folder needed to be backed up as well (or is this book different since it is an Addin?). Thank you for your assistnace. – Brian

  13. Good question, Brian…and kudos on being a regular back-upper. We should all be so disciplined. :-)
    The good news is that if you backup My Documents regularly you’re all set. The final sermon and illustration “books” live in My Documents\Libronix Resources and the “work files” live in My Documents\Libronix DLS\SermonFile.
    Hope this helps!

  14. Brian Benscoter says

    Thank you for your response. New Question (I think). I am trying to copy my Sermon “books” from my laptop to my desktop what do I need to do? I copied both of the folders you mentioned in your previous answer, but my sermon book is not showing up on the other computer. Thank you. – Brian