Reverse Interlinear Bibles: Key to Better Bible Study

John Fallahee, king of Logos video tutorials, just produced a new video on reverse interlinear Bibles.

The video introduces the unique features of reverse interlinear Bibles and, through an extended example, shows how these features solve five common problems that plague the person who studies the Bible in translation:

  1. You can’t trust your search results with English only searches.
  2. You can’t see the author’s original word choice.
  3. You can’t see different words functioning differentlyin the original text.
  4. Meaning can be obscured through the English translation.
  5. Strong’s numbers can’t reveal how the word is functioning.

Check it out: Better Bible Study Through Reverse Interlinear Bibles (14:21, 21.2MB)


  1. Mike Thomas says

    I know that there is a syntax videos CD available for sale, but it would sure be nice to be able to download these videos from the Logos Blog as they appear from time to time. I know there is a work around way to capture a video that one has just watched, but it would be nice to download immediately for later repeated viewing when not connected to the Internet.
    thanks for the great videos!!!

  2. Jonely Moy says

    Now THAT was a really cool video! Something a non-greek/hebrew reader can actually use. Thanks!

  3. Orlin Bowman says

    That was one great video on the Reverse Interlinear Bibles: Key to Better Bible Study. Thank you…Orlin

  4. anonymous says

    Hi, just tried this on my Mac version of Logos and it seems to be different. I cant see the Transliteration in my ESV reverse? Is this me, or is this a Mac problem?

    • Hamilton Ramos says


      Have you tried to right click on the blank space before any of the words in the interlinear pane on the left, and select the option that you want to see?