Comparing Your Active Bible Text

Sometimes you know parts but haven’t put together the whole. That happened to me today.
I knew that I could link reports to the active Bible text window.

I knew that I could run a Compare Parallel Bible Versions report to highlight the differences between editions.

I didn’t realize that I could link the active window to the report … so when I scroll in my Bible, the comparison scrolls along. Now that is cool. Here’s a video to show you how it works.

Did you notice how I just typed version abbreviations, separated by commas, in the compare report window? Pretty cool, huh? And if you think that’s cool … poke around other reports and see which ones have a link icon. Link up, and see what happens!


  1. Steve Maling says

    Good morning, Rick!
    “It WILL help me in [my] study”! Over the last few days I’ve been distractedly wishing for just such a feature. (“[D]istractedly” because it didn’t occur to me to email a request to
    A blessed Holy Week and Easter to you and all your readers,

  2. Michael Hollinger says

    Really cool! Thanks. Just some features I wish that you’d put into the Bible Comparison now.
    1.) The ability to customize the red / blue. Frankly, the blue is hard for my poor eyes to see, and the red ends up highlighting. It takes tremendous concentration for me to focus into the blue. Had I the ability to choose, I’d be using a strikeout font through the red stuff and a less darkening color for the new text.
    2.) Ideally, you should be able to distinguish amongst three classes of text in any given place: text that is the same, text that is added, text that is removed. Thus distinguished, it would be nice if, as an option, I could say “Only show Added Text” or “Only show removed text” or any combination of those three…

  3. Philana Crouch says

    Thanks, I was able to use this in my class, I am a seminary student, and in my Prophets & Writings class it helps to compare several versions quickly and I don’t have to click on tabs all of the time.