Logos for the Mac Update

(This progress update from Bob Pritchett was sent last week to the Logos for the Mac email list and posted here.)

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Good news! Logos Bible Software for the Mac continues to progress. This week we saw searches running and the first reports completed.

The full search syntax and the Passage Guide are underway, and we’re expecting to see features come online at a faster pace, now that so much of the underlying infrastructure is in place.

Below is another example of the weekly progress report.

Date: Mar. 13, 2007Weekly Status Report

Executive summary of the overall progress of the project:

1. We have received feedback on the licensing area and the specified areas are changed and will be reflected in the next build. The next Build will be Milestone A1. The date for this delivery willbe determined after the onsite meeting at Logos on Mar.14, 2007.

2. The weekly meeting will be onsite at Logos at 11 am.

3. Book Display Status:

  • Status bar work is completed
  • Starburst animation is completed
  • Citation will be completed by Mar. 14, 2007
  • Final copy/paste work will begin Mar. 15, 2007

4. Reports Status:

  • Company Info is complete*
  • About This Resource is complete*
  • Passage Guide is under development
  • Company Info is under development
  • NOTE: * – right-click menu and event bridges from the C++ code does not exist in anyreport at the moment

—-Bob Pritchett – bob@logos.comLogos Bible Software – www.logos.com1313 Commercial St. – Bellingham, WA 98225-4307(360) 527-1700 – Fax (350) 527-1707


  1. Have you seen the program called CrossOver? Basically it lets you run PC programs on Mac like a native program. Forgive me for asking, but why with this kind of technology does Logos still want to make a Mac version? Wouldn’t the effort to continue to make Logos on PC an excellent product double if a Mac version was no longer needed? Just provide any Mac purchaser with a free copy of Crossover (or Parallels).
    This is not meant to be rude, I’m just wondering what you see the advantages are for creating a native Mac version when this kind of technology is out there.

  2. Danny, thanks for taking the time to comment.
    We certainly have watched the changing landscape with interest but are still committed to shipping a native Mac version of Logos Bible Software.
    As I’m sure other Mac users will be quick to point out, not all Mac users are able or willing to use virtualization/dual-boot/parallel solutions for a variety of reasons. We’re convinced there’s a market for the native Mac version and are still hard at work to complete and ship it as soon as possible.

  3. Lew Feucht says

    Parallels is a good program that allows us Mac users to run Windows apps on MacOS. The only problem is you need more than Parallels, you need to go buy and install Windows. Why would I want to go to the expense to put a virus-sensitive OS on my Mac system?
    I’m all behind Logos getting a native MacOS version. If you haven’t yet tried the brilliance of MacOS, I challenge you to do so!

  4. I’ve searched on many occasions for updates on your progress for the mac version of Logos; the latest I’ve found is March 2007. It would be more encouraging to hear from you on at least a quarterly basis. Anything would be helpful for those of us who are waiting. “Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.”

  5. Visit http://www.logos.com/mac for the latest information. There’s a progress update from 7/11/2007 and a video from August 22, 2007. Make sure to subscribe to the Logos for the Mac News and Updates email list.

  6. An external view of Logos is that it is a very powerful program. The brand communicated excellence, thoroughness. That brand is being shattered because of the delay in bringing a native mac version to the marketplace.

  7. Eugene, beta testing has started. Visit the Mac page for all the details.