Using Reference Search With Lexicons

One feature I use frequently is right-click reference searching within a lexicon (specifically, within BDAG). I typically keylink into BDAG and note the sense under discussion, usually by a reference citation (which in my setup is highlighted by the Active Bible Reference visual filter, which maybe I’ll blog about in the future). From there, I right-click on the reference and search the active resource for more instances of that reference.

In lexicons, this generates a list of all articles that contain a direct citation of that reference, which can come in handy when working through a reference. Since this is hard to convey in writing, I made a video.

Oh, yeah. This works for all reference citations, not just Bible references. So you can right-click on an Apostolic Fathers reference, do the same exact right-click functions, and find all the places that the Apostolic Fathers reference is cited as well.

Or a Josephus reference. Or a Philo reference. In any resource. At any time.

How cool is that?!


  1. Joan Korte says:

    Rick, Thanks for this tip. Amazing how something minor can give “major” help.
    God bless,

  2. Thanks, Joan! Glad the tip helps.

  3. Steve Maling says:

    Right clicking sure opens wonderful possibilities.
    BUT, as a codger, here is a bit of rain for the parade. I find ^R, which opens the Reference Browser opens possibilities equally wonder-filled for my work with BHS and Nestle-Aland. I have Defined Collections of lexica and grammars for each and simply enter the book, chapter and verse.
    FURTHERMORE, I find this to be a more useful route for most of my needs than the Word Study option. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  4. Andrew Nugteren says:

    I found the Active Bible Reference visual filter (that you said you might write about some other time) the most helpful thing! A little bit of experimenting, and a nice highlighted reference in BDAG. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to read all through the BDAG entry to try and find if there is a particular reference to the passage I am studying. Now it’s highlighted for me instantly!

  5. Thanks Rick for this tip. I just discovered the Active Bible Reference visual filter, and boy is it a help! Keep up the good work, it is a real blessing to us all.