Logos for the Mac: Status Update

Logos for the Mac

We sent out the following letter this week to all the people subscribed to the Logos for the Mac email list.

Dear Mac User,

I wish I had more news! It certainly seems like I have more Mac enthusiasts clamoring for it every day. (Those commercials must be working!)

While progress is being made on Logos for the Mac every week, the reports on progress make for pretty dull reading. (There’s an example below.) I can say that we’ve received another internal drop, and some very important features like licensing, license synchronization with the server (to let you move backup licenses or restore them from a Windows installation), and “data type highlighting” are up and running.

The features we all want to see and play with, though, are still under development: searching, reports, etc.

And there is no good answer to the question I’m asked almost daily: When?

The best we can say is: When it’s done.

In the past few months almost all of the progress has been inside the application; the only new screenshots we could provide would be of some pretty dull dialogs for license management. Once the work on searching, reports, etc. “breaks through” to the UI surface we should be able to provide more interesting (and encouraging) updates.

Thanks again for your patience.

Bob PritchettPresident & CEO, Logos Bible Software


Recent Progress Report:

Project: Logos for the MacDate: Jan.16, 2007

Weekly Status Report

PROGRESS:Executive summary of the overall progress of the project: 1. Unfortunately, Milestone Y will be postponed until **. The areas for this milestone are code complete, however the delay is due to failing unit tests. The issues for this build are currently being worked on, however we require at least 3 days to sort out these problems before QA can make another build for testing for this Milestone. The following problems are what we are currently fixing:- NASB95.lbxlls: failed because LlsUtil::InitializeLanguages() was not called, and a global variable g_aMsToIsoLangTable is needed by this resource. Other resources would also need this information. – HODGE_ST.lbxlls: failed in LlsUtil::ConvertBiblePassageToReferences() when calling push_back() to add string reference to the vector. This is causing memory violation.2. The weekly conference call will be at 10:00 am. 3. Book Display Status:- Datatype Highlighting will be completed for milestone Y- Toolbar will be in progress4. Licensing Status: Licensing will be completed for the Milestone Y build.

OPEN ISSUES:1. Licensing Stabilization

TASKS IN PROGRESS:Development:The following features are currently under development:1. Licensing2. Generating COM infrastructure 3. Search integration4. Book Display 4.1. DataType Highlighting5. Topic Browser6. Reference Browser

QA:- QA built Build 62 as an interim Milestone Y build. Its purpose was to test a number of bug fixes submitted. – as of eod Friday 15 new defects have been entered against Builds 62. Additionally, 23 defects have been marked as resolved and ready for testing in Build 62. Of those defects, 19 have been accepted and closed and 4 have been rejected and re-opened. – continued triaging the Dev Priority settings on all defects. Currently we still have marked 42 of 217 (previously 41 of 219) open defects as Priority 1 with 67 currently unassigned and awaitingtriage. – 491 automated test cases out of a total test suite of 1694 tests.


  1. Bob,
    Thanks for the update. I’m one of the many that are anxious for the Mac release. I work in Hi-Tech and around SW development; my only comment to “it will be done When it’s done”; most commercial companies would go under with that kind of process for this. SW development is a structured process that can be planned, scheduled, and targeted. I’d put more pressure on your SW development team to be more structured, and to give you some target dates; there really isn’t any excuse.

  2. Are there any plans to make LOGOS work under Linux?
    Our ministry has moved away from Microsoft due to the high licensing costs. We have one computer running Windows XP just for LOGOS and a couple of other programs we really need and use in the ministry.
    Our staff really loves Linux and Openoffice.org office suite. And the best part is easy install, low maintenance and high reliability.
    We would love to see LOGOS for Linux.
    Rev. Stephen Bramham
    Abiding Light Ministries

  3. Rev. Bramham, there are no plans to offer a Linux version of Logos. Sorry.

  4. Well, if you ever do think about offering a linux version of Logos add me to the list of people that would sing your praises. Hopefully Logos will see the momentum coming behind linux and it’s benefits for people in ministry. Even if Logos did minimal tooling to ensure it ran under wine (some people just use and embedded wine copy to ensure it works like GoogleMaps) and with new migration tools, and with things like .Net mono on linux It does seem it would be a big effort. Either way, I work for a semi-large missionary organization and we used to buy logos for all of them but we transitioned to Linux due to cost and because it’s much more available in developing countries. So we have stopped buying Logos and now we use an inferior product. It’s too bad, but the benefit of Logos didn’t out way the benefits of moving to an open platform.

  5. Peter Norland says

    I would also quickly buy a Linux version of your software!

  6. I would also be very interested in a Linux version!

  7. I would certainly buy this software for myself if a Linux version was available.
    Here’s how things are shaping up for us at ICG here in Australia – Currently Windows XP is still very much what customers are comfortable with though we do deal with Mac users every week. Demand for Vista is almost flatline and we regularly have requests for new notebooks which usually come with Vista pre installed to be downgraded to XP. Interest in and requests for PC’s without an operating system installed specifically because the user intends to install a Linux distribution is increasing, and if Microsoft go ahead and pull the plug on support for XP next year I think this trend will only grow stronger. Consequently I believe that not even planning to start work on supporting Linux distributions at some stage is a decision which lacks foresight.

  8. I’m interested in Logos in Linux too!

  9. We here on the mission field in South America are also moving to Linux. Logos is the only remaining Windows program that I really need before I can make the full transition. Thanks for any consideration in helping us out in this area.
    Tim W.

  10. I have been commenting and suggesting a Linux port for a number of years now to the Logos group in support. The one time I did finally get a response from the support group was that Logos had no intentions on making a version for Linux, EVER ! I am paraphrasing, but that was the nuts and bolts of the message.
    I still continue to use what I have but have stopped buying any more product since we too are 100% Linux now. I have to run an emulator to use Logos.
    There is answer to prayers as more software is becoming available for the Christian Linux community, a simple google for: linux bible software, will get you a wealth of things. Also Wine will run e-Sword, and ISA extremely well.
    And for the Logos software there are several emulators that work. VMware Server works really great and is free, Win4linPro works very well also but it costs and you do have a slight performance loss with both, but it is a very minimal loss.
    As Linux continues to grow more and more companies will jump on the band wagon to help the Linux community with good Bible study software.
    You would think Logos would concentrate more on Linux. With it’s open source code, it would make the porting to Linux extremely easy, not to mention that Linux runs on every imaginable hardware in the world, and they could bypass many of the issue’s they have with the problems such as they are experiencing with Apples proprietary OS.
    Blessings to all.

  11. Yup. I’m making the switch to a Linux box, but Logos is the one application I won’t be able to replace. Bummer, eh?

  12. I would really like to see Logos on Linux as well!

  13. David Ring says

    I would like to see Logos for Linux also. I’ve tried to run the old Logos 2.0 on WINE and DOSBOX without success, and the newer program on WINE with no luck. I have all my software needs taken care of with Linux, and I have Logos on an old Windows computer that gets used only for Logos. I wish I could use Logos on my laptop and desktop (both Linux). But the old Windows machine works ok – but Windows is too prone to errors – Linux is very solid and does not crash.

  14. Jeff Trahan says

    I think it’s unfortunate that there are no plans for Logos on Linux. Logos is the only thing keeping my laptop a dual boot laptop.
    I’d even go for an online version of Logos — as long as it didn’t require Internet Explorer to work. With everything else moving to the cloud, it seems to me that Bible software will probably have to one day as well. It wouldn’t matter which operating system people use.

  15. Hmm, 1 thank you for the Mac version, 13 pleadings for a Linux version. Make that 14.

  16. Brian Phillips says

    I’ve waited for a couple of years now for a change in heart from logos, concerning linux. I’ve made the full switch, and love it.
    The only problem with emulators is that you need a licensed copy of Windows, so that defeats the purpose of reducing costs.
    I think Logos technology is tied to Internet Explorer. I don’t know for sure, but it seems I recall hearing that somewhere… correct me if I’m wrong.
    Recently, I’ve been impressed with Java, and would like to suggest that Logos consider moving in that direction. My financial software, TOS (Think Or Swim) is written in Java, and runs great on Windows or Linux – looks the same on both OS’s too. The syntax is much like C++ (another assumption of the platform that Logos uses).
    As I understand it, Java would offer loads of options for Logos. Logos could put out a desktop version, and very easily put out a web version that would 1) require minimal work to deploy, once the desktop version was written, and 2) work in any browser that supports java (IE, firefox, etc).

  17. I also would love to see a Linux version of Logos. It is the one software I want, and can’t have… yet.

  18. Thanks for the suggestion, Tim. We’ll need to finish the Mac version before we even think about supporting another platform. :)

  19. Linux !!!!

  20. Please get this going on Linux!! please!!! My computer would finally drop windows!!! PLEASE !!!
    I mean, how hard could it be? just a little programing here, a little there, and all is well.

  21. I think is a good idea for a Linux version, as most of the church doesn’t have the money to keep up with Microsoft highway robbery license agreement.
    I think porting to Linux shouldn’t be a big issue as there is already a BSD version for the Mac.

  22. Donald Carter says

    I have several thousands of dollars of books of Logos that I wish I could access under Linux. I wish Logos would cooperate with WINE so that the program could be used under Linux. I found Windows to be very buggy and slow. Linux on the other hand is very quick and very stable. How about re-releasing the old Logos 2.1 but modifying it for WINE? Even that would be better than doing without.
    I miss Logos – I do NOT miss Windows.
    Please, Bob, find a way to have WINE work with Logos – I’m sure you could find a way to incorporate piracy security into it, but for those of us who no longer use Windows, it would be a blessing – and it would open up a new market for you.

  23. Logos is the only software application we use that is not supported under Linux/Wine. Be a hero Bob!

  24. A linux version would be greatly appreciated!!

  25. I’m so glad to find this article regarding Logos and other platforms. Currently, I have a Logos Scholar on my Windows but I’m thinking to switch to Linux because of cost. Besides, I’m so fade up with the ‘forever-windows-upgrading-cost.’ I really hope that Logos will consider producing a version that is compatible with Linux. Please count my vote.

  26. A linux version would be greatly appreciated!! [2]

  27. I understand the need to keep the books secure and verify that they’ve been paid for – but how about a java version of Logos which will run on ALL platforms. We’re 100% Linux in this parish. I don’t mind paying for useful software, but we have to spend money wisely. Logos is a wise purchase. Windows is very unstable, quirky, gives errors, Linux always “just works”!
    Maybe if the problem is security, we can move to a USB storage device that is authenticated by some sort of file in the USB device? It would have to be something that couldn’t be copied from USB device to USB device, I guess – or just copied “one time” for a personal backup. (These things do break).
    I have a Windows computer that I use for one thing only: Logos.
    Actually I wish Logos was a DOS program rather than Windows because DOS is much faster. Linux is much faster than Windows, though.
    Also in the field (missionary work) a small solar powered laptop with Linux is being used. The problem is that the Bible software is not as good as Libronix and Logos.
    There must be a solution to your ecomomic security so that you can continue to offer books for sale to us, and our need of a stable system.
    The other idea would be an Operating System made by Libronix. Just add web browsers and media players and make it stable. I’d buy that too – but Windows is just too unstable with all the problems of modifying DLL files and the way Windows installs programs – if you loose your uninstall script, your machine may never work well again – until you format the drive and start over.
    This never happens with Linux! Also Linux ext3 file system never needs to be defragmented – which is perfect for the new solid state drives.
    Best to you,
    Fr. Tom
    Needham, MA

  28. Jacob Pritchett says

    Ha ha. I didn’t know you used Linux.
    I too would like a version for Linux. Ubuntu works so much better for me, but I really like Logos.

  29. I switched over to Linux and will have to run VirtualBox to get this app to work. I myself would like to see a Linux port too.

  30. I would buy the Scholar’s Library: Gold immediately if it were available for Linux. I would volunteer to help with testing and bug reporting for free. Unfortunately I am not able to buy Logos products until they will run on my (Linux-only) systems…
    Please add my name to the list for Linux!

  31. I would also purchase in a heart beat if a Linux version were available!

  32. Add me also. LOGOS for Linux would be wonderful.

  33. David Trounce says

    Add me also. Logos on Linux – in a heart beat!

  34. John Grosshans says

    I’ve got to admit a Linux version would be rather tempting.
    The cloud computing would be a great idea as well just log into the website and you are done. Being a programmer myself I understand that this isn’t a simple turn key processes there is a lot that goes into this especially developing the security and anti-piracy software for a completely new OS. I do think that in the long run though a Linux distribution will serve you extremely well. There are more and more netbook and nettop computers being pushed out into the market and the anti-windows movement is gaining speed with every new bug, virus, goof and version. My suggestion, Develop a reader with authentication talk back to your servers and sell the books one at a time like an iTunes style program. This way, not only are you developing for the scholars and preachers but if there is some mom out there who wants a copy of the ESV on her new mini-netbook she can download the viewer for free and buy the Bible just like she would a song from iTunes.
    Thank you for all your work and the amazing software!
    I’m looking for the day I can pull up Logos on my big screen tv through my Linux media server :) nothing like reading the bible on a big screen in HD
    -John Grosshans

  35. Tonja Brice says

    Even though this thread is over a year old, there still seem to be people commenting. I would also like to see a Linux version. I just purchased my first Netbook and love the portability of it as opposed to my other large and heavy laptop. I’m new to Linux but so far I like what I see. I would love to be able to access my Logos library via the Netbook as well. In the meantime, I’ll make do with my windows machine and lug it around as needed! Thanks!

  36. You can add me to the list of wanting Logos on Linux! A nice way to keep this part of the blog alive, eh?

  37. Me too!

  38. I use Crossover Linux to run several Windows apps under Linux. A native port of Logos would have a large demand and installed base as many are fans of this product.
    The native Linux Bible software apps are a little lacking at the moment (Thank God for them, though).
    A product as popular as Logos would see immediate uptake and set a precedent for Bible software under Linux.
    The application could be packaged as a binary much like RealPlayer is for Linux. You could preserve the proprietary bits and accommodate Linux users as well.
    One thing is for sure: the first major commercial Bible software developer/publisher to port their application to Linux will plant their flag on the beach of a whole new territory ready to pay for the quality of the product.
    Something to consider.
    But like another post stated, to say that you are NEVER going to support Linux or have plans for doing so is very short-sighted–especially if another Bible software publisher plants their flag before you do.
    Remember, first one to the beach wins!

  39. There is obviously a lot to know about this.