Interview with Bob Pritchett: Innovation at Logos

This isthe fifth installmentin a series of video blog posts (introduced here) sharing the story and culture of Logos Bible Software. Other posts in the series are archived in the Video category.

Bob is asked to choose the top innovations Logos has offered the world, describes his role in the development of Logos Bible Software, and discusses some of the ways ideas become product features. You’ll also hear how Logos appropriates the best research and technology from other fields such asgene sequencing visualizations and applies it to the task of digital Bible study.

Note: All videos are in Windows Media format. Mac users may need to download the free Flip4Mac plugin for playback within QuickTime.


  1. How do I get to the “People Graph”?

  2. Great question, Ken. The Addin comes with any of the Logos 3 base collections listed at the bottom of this page:
    If you already own a base collection, you can upgrade to one of the Logos 3 collections via

  3. John Pitton says

    So, it looks like I’m not the only one that watches those late night Nova specials. My wife thinks those specials are a bit boring, but I like your ideas in the “From Idea to Product Feature”. It’s not enough to look at what others are doing within your industry and try to one-up them. Innovation comes from inspiration and whether it comes from watching a lecture on quantum physics or from a thrill seeking adventure vacation, it’s a necessity in the software development industry and beyond.