Getting You from Point A to Point B

Guest bloggers Johnny Cisneros and Steve Runge pull back the curtain on a new addin coming soon from the Logos “skunk works.”

Many of us know that we have the resources within Logos to do good exegesis. However, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the process. You may not know where to start or where to end a study. How can you make sure that you’ve made the most of the resources available to you within your digital library? A new feature will assist users, veteran and new alike, with just that.

The Study Tools addin will guide you through the process of Bible study from exegesis to application. This helpful addin ties together many of the powerful tools in Logos into one convenient template. Such a template provides an organized structure to guide you through each step of exegesis. It saves you time by creating links to a variety of Bible tools pertaining to each one of the steps. It conveniently provides you with the ability to make your own notes as you go. The template is especially useful for sermon preparation. Outlines can be prepared under the ‘Application’ section of the template.

Screenshot of a study document (beta version, subject to change)

The Study Tools addin offers something for everyone. Existing users will find a new way to utilize the powerful resources within Logos in their study and sermon preparation. New users will find a way to become familiar with the many resources available in Logos.

Update 2/13 – If you can’t wait to try out the addin, you can download a beta version that unlocks the Study Tools addin for a limited time. Once you have it installed, create a new study document via the File | New menu. Please route your feedback on the addin to the beta newsgroup.


  1. Philana Crouch says

    Will this be a free add-in and how soon will it be available? I am a seminary student and would love to have it for my classes.

  2. Will people be able to create their own templates?

  3. Philana, glad you like it! You can beta test the addin for free (it’s unlocked through 2/23) and give us some feedback. See
    Release date and pricing have not been announced.
    Andrew, not as far as I know.

  4. Eric Olsson says

    This is an exciting post.
    As a relatively new user of Logos, I am really looking forward to having a framework to guide my studying through the software.
    I will be anxiously watching this.

  5. Philana Crouch says

    One suggestion the Mueller method is set up around the New Testament, it doesn’t change Hebrew for Greek when you type in a Old Testament passage.

  6. Philana Crouch says

    otherwise great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Pastor Michael Huffman says

    This looks great. The flow is very good for a coincise detailed look at the Scripture. However, we need a way to export out notes that we make to Microsoft Word. If I may add a point, I believe this add-in needs to be free to registered Logos users, because this is a tool that is using your existing Library, no furhter book licenses are needed.

  8. So I downloaded this new tool–How do I actually use it!!! I don’t see it on my Home page or in the menus above. I was hoping to test it, but it won’t be much of a test if I can’t even find it!

  9. Glen, if you have it installed and unlocked correctly, you should see “Study Document” as an option when you hit File | New.

  10. Pastor Shawn says

    This add-in is awesome! As a first time user this is great and what the Dr. ordered. I woudl suggesst allowing the highlite or markup to be used on the parrallel passage view so you can actually highlite the words that are different.

  11. Philana Crouch says

    I have enjoyed these documents and saw that you added another. So I thought I’d suggest maybe two more. One based upon Fee’s exegetical book and Stuart’s one as well. Especially linking the books mentioned in those books that are available in Libronix. These books are common required texts at schools. God Bless!

  12. I have been watching and waiting for this new add-in. Any new information on release date and pricing?

  13. Bruce, nothing new to announce. There is no target release date yet.

  14. This is it. This is why we have bible software. Several companies have provided the databases and tools. This is the first time we can sit down, open pretty much one program and work. I would concur with those who would recommend no license fee since the templates pretty much serve to pull together the various pieces from tools already owned. As someone who cut his teeth on Fee, I would agree as well that a Free Fee Template would be the bomb!