We Love Your Suggestions

Developer David Mitchell examines screenshotsof Logos workspaces submitted by users.

Logos customers make lots of great suggestions. Suggestions for books to digitize, features to add or tweak, website enhancements, you name it.

Most suggestions come via email (suggest@logos.com) and a newsgroup devoted to user suggestions. But we also collect feedback when we’re on the road, from published reviews, beta testers, and blog readers.

Not all suggestions receive a response and sometimes a suggestion is implemented months or years after it was first submitted. But we appreciate every one.

And sometimes we’re able to implement them right away, as you can see from the comments on this post at the Morris Proctor Tips & Tricks blog. A user named David Brokaw suggested a small feature he’d like to see addedto the Bibliography report. He explained,

I keep all my reference books open in the right side and save my work space as I am working on a long paper. What I need is the Bibliography option to have a “All Open Resources” option that will automaticly collect the info open at the time. Great idea???

I agreed that it was a great idea. Mr. Brokaw’s suggestion was routed to our development team, and a few days later the feature was added to the Libronix DLS 3.0c release candidate.

Now you can create a bibliography report from the resources you have open. Sure it’s a small feature, and we can’t always implement good suggestions this quickly. But please know that we valueyour input…andkeep those suggestions coming!


  1. Here’s my suggestion! Please, please migrate the Logos newsgroups (or at least mirror them) onto an online webform. Usenet is terrific for remembering “the good old days” but is unworthy of software as sophisticated as Logos 3.
    Having the newsgroups on a webforum would mean that (a) I could set up RSS feeds. (b) I could search all of the threads without downloading them first. (c) It would add signficant content to your site which would help web searches and may increase your Google ranking (d) Would allow much needed features and (e) Increase privacy for users.
    If this happened I’m sure you’d get lots more suggestions, and we’d be able to interact much better with other users, giving you a better idea of which suggestions are most popular.
    Thanks for considering it.

  2. I’d echo an “AMEN” to this!

  3. Nathan Wells says

    Yes, it would be great to have a forum of some type rather than “old” newsgroups (does anyone use those anymore?).

  4. Nathan, if you’re asking whether Logos users participate in the existing Newsgroups, the answer is a resounding “YES”!
    My newsreader shows 22,600 messages in the General newsgroup alone since June, 2005.

  5. I hope that you will add some biblical studies from Lutheran and Methodist traditions. Specifically I am thinking of the Lutheran ESV Study Bible from Concordia, and the Wesley Study Bible from Abingdon. I would also be interested in having a couple of study bibles from a critical perspective, such as the Harper-Collins Study Bible, and the Interpreter’s Study Bible.
    Paul Immanuel