Surveys Are a Pain

Take the Survey!Today I filled out a survey for a company we buy software from. One question wanted me to rate their phone technical support on a scale of 1 to 9. But I have never phoned them. There was no “Don’t Know” option, and the survey software wouldn’t let me leave it blank.

I gave phone support a six.

The episode reminded me why I hate to take surveys. None-the-less, if you are a Logos Bible Software user, I am asking you to take a few minutes and fill one out for me. Because surveys really do help us design our software and prioritize projects. We read every response, and refer back to the aggregated results for months afterwards. Many of our existing features, policies, and product offerings were created in response to user feedback through earlier surveys.

So please take a few minutes to answer this nine question survey (especially the annoying, but very helpful to us, question number five) and help us do an even better job of meeting your needs in future releases of Logos Bible Software.

(Our survey does support “Don’t Know” and skipping questions.)


  1. Have you given thought to audio or video streaming the lectures? What a great service that would be, even for pay-per-view? Thanks
    Walt Dube

  2. put an auto total program on Q5 so that we don’t have to keep re-adding to total 100

  3. Nigel Cunningham says

    Bob, in the first question, is 1 most likely to recommend Libronix or least likely?

  4. 1 is not likely, 10 is very likely to recommend. Sorry for the confusion!

  5. MS Vista will launch at the end of the month. How will Logos run on Vista?
    Should Logos users keep using MS XP and wait a few months, a year, to start using Vista?

  6. Question 1 has an asterisk that doesn’t point anywhere. Question 1 also doesn’t indicate whether 1=likely to recommend or 10=likely to recommend.
    Question 6 doesn’t discriminate between “indifferent” and “no opinion”.
    Also, I must agree with Walt Dube. What a pity you won’t be posting audio of the lecture series you sponsor. You post video of your tutorials and interviews with Bob Pritchett, so clearly you have mastered this technology!

  7. Bill Russell says

    As a blind user it was impossible for me to take the survey without sighted assistance. I really do have quite a few suggestions for future product development but MSAA will take care of most of them for me.