New sales jobs in eight cities!

Knocking On DoorI wish that we could show Logos Bible Software to every Bible student in the world. Because when people who are serious about getting into the Word see how Logos Bible Software enhances their study, they can’t wait to use it.

We try to show Logos in as many ways as we can. We put demo videos on the web, we present at conferences, and we even show it to seat-mates on airplanes. About the only thing we don’t do is go door-to-door.

But we’re ready to try that, too.

We are going to launch a national sales force of Field Representatives: full-time Logos employees who visit pastors and Bible students in eight large cities around the country, showing people how Logos Bible Software helps them do better, deeper Bible study while wasting less time finding things and flipping paper pages.

Are you a salesperson looking for a product you can sell without reservation? Please take a look at the job description, and please feel free to forward it to anyone you know who might be interested.

Our first openings will be in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, and Washington, DC.


  1. simon gobbett says

    Why dont you have some people dedicated to canvassing all the seminaries in the US and Australia and have a presentation to the faculty and students, loan a copy to allow them to use in the library etc, once they start using it then they will be more likely to have a copy for themselves

  2. Field Sales force of the nature you describe is a good idea if you are able to build a reliable mechanism to continuously source candidates, train and replace them on an ongoing basis. I recommend you also install a data collection process so that when a candidate leaves you still have detailed prospect info and call notes. Consider thinking about an inside tele-sales model. This may help you maximize the number of contacts per rep and wont limit your sales force to a local geography.
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