Interview with Bob Pritchett: Growing the Logos Vision

This isthe second installmentin a series of video blog posts (introduced here), sharing the story and culture of Logos Bible Software.

In these four videoclips, you’ll hear Bob Pritchett talk about the initial goals of Logos, how early customer response helped enlarge the vision for what Bible software could do for people’s Bible study, and how the whole Pritchett family got involved in the enterprise.

Note: All videos are in Windows Media format. Mac users may need to download the free Flip4Mac plugin for playback within QuickTime.


  1. Thanks for posting these. It’s interesting to get some history on Logos.

  2. Steve Maling says

    My wife (who won’t even do email) and I (who am not a REAL computer person) are enjoying these posts immensely. It’s great to get more of a sense of who all you are up there in Bellingham because as a retired pastor I use your work a couple of hours a day in personal study and in preparation for adult Bible classes I’m privileged to teach in various congregations.
    I am especially thankful for your high-end Greek and Hebrew resources.
    Steve in Beaverton (where Intel is big)

  3. J.T. Shortt says

    Daniel, thank you for bringing the video clips of Bob speaking about the beginning of Logos. You are achieving exactly what you stated a couple of days ago. I have enjoyed the purchase of Logos for the past 5 months and like learning more about the software and company via the blog. You have really brought the history and culture of the company to life for me.
    J.T. Shortt
    Peoria, Arizona