Getting More from Library Builder, Part 1

If you woke up on Christmas morning to findLibrary Builder volumes 1-3 in your stocking (even if you had to put it there)…this article is for you.

Like a lot of users, you may have started out December owning only the Logos 3 version of Scholar’s Library. Adding the Library Builder Christmas special literally doubled the number of books on your digital bookshelf. Wow. Start off by congratulating yourselfon not having to clear out furniture to make space for more shelving!

Now we want to help you maximize the value of those additional books.This is the first ina short series of blog posts that will help acquaint you with what, specifically, you’ve added to your library (knowledge is power) and then provide some tips for deriving ultimate benefit from those new books.

The Things You Don’t Have to Do

Not only did you not have to build shelving to accommodate doubling the number of books in your library…there are lots ofother things you didn’t have to do!

Indeed, the developers of Logos Bible Software have taken great pains to ensure that new books merge seamlessly, painlessly,and optimally into your digital library. That means you’re probably already enjoying many of the benefits of a larger library without having to do a thing. Let’s hear it for not having to do a thing!

  • My Library automatically discovered and categorized your new books by title, author and subject.
  • The bibliography report (Tools | Library Management | Bibliography) was updated to include your new titles.
  • Passage Guide has identified your new commentaries, illustrations, devotionals and books on music and will include them in searches whenever there’s relevant data inside.
  • Your new books are indexed, topically tagged, and ready to be instantly and thoroughly searched.

Whew, I’m going to step out for a glass of iced tea and be back in a moment.

Hello Books

The next step is to get to know some of your books on first name basis. The more you know about an individual title or series the better you can evaluate how much you plan to use it, in what contexts you’re likely to use it, and whether you’ll want to add it to any special collections or otherwise promote its status in your library.

So how do you identify all your new books? The Library Builder product didn’t ship in a fancy box with a contents liston the back, and since it was a limited special the webpagehas been removed from

But I’ve posted to the Logos wiki a list, by category,of all the books that are in the Library Builder product. You may want to bookmark the link and keep it handy as you spend time with your new books. And you may fairly ask, “What’s the Logos wiki?“.

For now, start by taking a look at the list and identifying the books you’re most interested in based on title. Then spend a few minutes with My Library, opening and browsing those books to become familiar with their structure and contents.

A couple of articles may be helpful in this area:

Next up: Part 2


  1. David Cortes-Fuentes says

    Normally, I use the original languages for my study. I notice that when I open a resource with grammatical or morphological databases (such as NA 27th edition or the NA27 with Gramcord)a pop-up appears every time I have the mouse pointer on a word. Is there a way to disable this feature. I do want to be able to have the “information window” available, which works only with those texts with grammatical databases as the ones mentioned before.
    That is, I want to have the information in my “information window” but not as a pop-up on the window of the biblical text itself.

  2. Alexander Oluwasakin says

    Please bring back the library builder 1-3 as Easter Season gift to those of us who missed the Christmas package because of holiday. The logos bible software is so good that any so-called competitors are a very poor second. Keep up the very good work.

  3. Robert Lombardi says

    I’ll second that request. I’d like to see the Library Builder 1-3 again. It was such a sudden appearance during a usually busy time of the year. I was on vacation the whole time, away from home and didn’t get a chance to take advantage of it. But now that I look at it, I can’t believe what a deal I missed.

  4. Dear Logos:
    In my opinion, if you decide to offer the Library Builder 1-3 again for those who missed out, you should offer the rest of us who actually purchased it during the holiday season some additional books, free Cd’s or downloaded books.
    Because, if I remember correctly, when the Library Builder 1-3 was originally offered, there were statements like, “limited offer, a deadline date to order by and will not be offered again.”
    Offers such as these cause potential customers to make a quick decision based upon the limited time and quantities specified. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s Marketing 101. To go back on your words or revise the offer again to those who missed out might hurt the credibility and integrity of your future offers.
    Just a thought…

  5. Dave, we have no intention of bringing back Library Builder 1-3. We said it was a one-time-only offer and we meant it.

  6. Pastor Darryl says

    I just want to express my gratitude for such an incredible bible study resource. I am always happy to show and tell my friends all about Logos. I encourage every serious student of “The Word” to purchase the “whole nine yards.” Another added bonus about doing buisness with Logos is that the staff there is always friendly and very helpful.
    In todays’ world many of us have a cellphone including me, but most of us could get by without them (including me). On the other hand many serious students of “The Word” still don’t have the Logos software, and I ask myself how can they get by without it. Knowing what I know now! I am convinced that the most economical and effective way for one to really dig deep into God’s Word is by inlisting the help of Logos. It is something that we (definetly me) really cannot do without! That is, if you really want to dig deep into God’s Word?
    Very Grateful,
    Pastor Darryl

  7. Scott Alan Blanchard says

    How can I DELETE a book I added to my library that was just a trial book?? The trial has expired and I went out and bought the full book package…a bigger and better version at my Christian bookstore. But each time I start Logos, it tells me I have an expired book and I need to renew it. It was/is a trial book after all.
    Could you also send me an e mail with the reply to this??

  8. I really enjoy this set. It came at a busy time of the year and I’m just now working through the titles to become familiar with the resources. I have already found some gems such as the Philpot devotional “Ears from Harvested Sheaves.” Many thanks.