Christmas Specials!

If you’ve been to recently you’ve seen that we’re offering Free Shipping on web orders through the end of December. But we’ve also created a special edition, Christmas 2006-only collection of books called Library Builder: Volumes 1-3.

Together, the three discs will get you more than 330 books, worth some $4,500.00 in print editions, at 90% off list prices for the equivalent print editions. So essentially it’s the “base collection discount” on books that are (largely) not in the base collections. As you might guess from the ribbons and bows…this is our Christmas present to you!

In fact, the 19-volume College Press NIV Commentary Series: New Testament (current sale price: $349.95), the 18-volume IVP New Testament Commentary Series (current sale price: $269.95), plus 16 volumes of Warren Wiersbe’s Old Testament “Be” Series of commentary—all of which are included in the 3-disc Library Builder set—alone make the Library Builder an incredible bargain!

Big Discount on Theological Journals Bundle!
I also want to draw attention to the new Complete Theological Journal Library Bundle.

This bundle represents the best discount ever offered on the Theological Journal Library products from Galaxie. With more than 450 years’ worth of journals that would cost something like $15,000 in print, you could think of it as a scholarly booster pack for your digital library.

Merry Christmas from your friends at Logos!


  1. Dave Webster says

    I just ordered both, great present, thanks!!! Sorry, I didn’t get you anything.

  2. I’m interested in the 3-disc Christmas special you are offering, but decided that it is too confusing.
    Here is how you could get me to make a good decision about buying it:
    Put a “compare to what I have” feature in the software or on your website that could look at my current licensed content and compare it to what you are offering. If you could very quickly tell me what new things I get by making the purchase, I’d spend the time to think about it. But for now, I’m just going to close the browser page with the long, long list of stuff and move on.

  3. Dave Webster says

    Jeff, I agree that a “Compare” feature would be nice (however I don’t know how much programing that would take), I also agree that the list(s) are layed out a bit strange, but that is due to the fact that you can buy each disc seperately from each other.
    However, for me the HUGE (wish I could enlage the font and bold it for effect on the word HUGE) savings that Logos is offering is such deal that spending a few extra minutes to sort out all of the stuff is WELL WORTH IT!!!
    I did cringe a bit when I saw a few titles that I know I have already pop up, but there is soooooo much in there that it is well worth the extra time.
    ALSO, the pop up photo of the book, author and stand alone price was a HUGE(again with the fonts) help.
    ALSO ALSO, don’t forget about the sweet deal on the Journals….if you don’t already have them.
    So Jeff, what I am saying is give it another try when you have a few extra minutes, I think you will find that it’s a deal too good to pass up.

  4. Is there to be no Christmas special for those of us who have most of what is on offer in the Library Builder and who already have all the Theological Journals? I remember the days when Logos had 50% off sales in December. I would like to see that again, at least on a few items. Why not let us have a good discount on something of our own choosing? That would be a great present!

  5. Looking to purchase volumes 1-3. Any seller, please.