NZ Road Trip Report

Dale and Jenni Pritchett recently returned from New Zealand, where they did nine Bible Road Trip events. Here’s their retrospective on the trip plus a few photos…

Jenni and I are just getting back to normal after spending about two and half weeks in New Zealand visiting Logos users. Hal and Nancy Mickens, long time Logos users and frequent assistants at Morris Proctor’s Camp Logos seminars accompanied us. Hal and Nancy were not only great travel companions; they were great in helping individual users with their questions.

It is hard to begin to describe our experiences. We traveled over both the North and South Islands and conducted ten two-hour presentations in churches and schools, met privately with numerous people and enjoyed hospitality in a variety of homes. It was a wonderful experience to be with so many people who love Bible study. We can’t wait to go back!

(More photos fromBible Road Trip: New Zealand...)


  1. Kenneth Siu says

    Sounds and looks nice. Brings back memories because I’ve been there a couple of times. I don’t blame you for wanting to go back.
    BUT, the reason for writing is that I’m envious of those folks who were able to attend the benefits of Camp Logos. Just a pipe dream, but it would be a blessing if you can bring the camp here to Macau or Hong Kong.
    Peace be with you.