Free Sermons in Your Bible Software

We’ve devoted a lot of words on this blog to persuading you to upgrade to Logos Bible Software 3. While it’s true that many of the features we talk about most often (reverse interlinear Bibles, syntactically tagged Bibles)are only available with a paid upgrade it’s also the case that we’re giving away a ton of amazing functionality at no cost! That’s right…


One of the cool, new features in Logos 3 that you can take advantage of right now, just by downloading the free update, is the search built into Passage Guide. This is just one free feature among many, but the one I want to highlight today.

Caveat: This feature is only free if you already own a product, such as any base collection (e.g., Bible Study Library),that comes with the Logos Bible Software homepage.

What is the search?

Logos has partnered with SermonCentral, a website that offers a massive database of sermons uploaded by users of the site. In Logos 3, when you enter a passage—say 2 Corinthians 9:1-5—and click “Go!” the Passage Guide report includes not only links to commentaries, dictionaries, maps, and reports…but it also shows you links to freely available sermons at SermonCentral!

These sermons were preached by people just like you—if you’re a pastor—then uploaded to the SermonCentral database to share with others. They’re great for inspiration, to get some ideas for organizing your material, gleaning illustrations, and to see how other preachers have treated the same material you’re working through.

(We encourage responsible use of others’ sermons, including citing sources where appropriate.For an excellent and practicaldiscussion ofthese issues, see the article Plagiarism in the Pulpit from Preaching magazine.)

SermonCentral Results in Passage Guide

Let’s take a closer look at one of the SermonCentral results that shows up in Passage Guide.

On the left you see the sermon title, the Scripture passage that it covers, a brief description of the sermon, and arating that indicates how many peoplefound the sermon to be helpful.

On the right is the contributor, date the sermon was preached, intended audience type(e.g., Believer, Seeker, etc.), and intended audience age range. Obviously, most sermons are preached to the entire congregation so many results will show “General, Adults”.

Blue text indicates links; clicking the sermon title opens SermonCentral to that sermon, clicking the Bible passage opens your preferred Bible to the beginning of that range, and clicking the contributor name opens a page at giving some information about the contributor such as denominational affiliation, church name, education, family, and other biographical details.

Click here to see the page that would open at if you clicked the linkto the sermon displayed above.

So here you have a huge source of additional content, integrated right into your normal workflow within Logos Bible Software. Just a click and you’re looking at instantly relevant material that you didn’t pay a red cent to acquire!

Go Pro!

As with any useful, free service there’s a way to get even more from by upgrading to a paid account. Upgrading to PRO provides a whole slew of additional features and benefits. They even offer a free 30-day trial to the PRO version so you can check it all out before committing the funds.

For details on updating Logos for free, anda comparison chart showing all you get with a SermonCentral PRO subscription, see our special SermonCentral page at

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  1. David Pereira says

    WOW – what a great idea! Thanks, dp

  2. David Settle says

    I really like A great resource for more research.

  3. Esie van Vuuren says

    How can I get free software to download

  4. Already upgraded.

  5. What if we have already upgraded? Are the offers still available to us? Especially the Sermon Central Pro?
    BTW: I love the new version of Logos. It is even better than before!

  6. Rev. Jeannette Solimine says

    Thank you so much for providing this service. Though it is important to remember about citing sources and not simply preaching another preacher’s sermon. There was a front page article in the Wall Street Journal about this last week (November 2006).

  7. Ven Owen Nwokolo says

    Quite a good information.

  8. Ionut Avramescu says

    What a blessing to learn and apply! THX! AIA

  9. Pastor Tony Ling says

    i’m familiar with sermon central, and i love my upgraded v3 logos software – but i can’t find any sermon central coming up in my searches, and i can’t find anything in help – ideas?

  10. Pastor Tony, I’m not sure what the problem might be but I’ve asked our support team to get in touch with you.
    Rev Jeannette, thanks for the tip! It looks like the article at is for paid subscribers only, but it was syndicated here:
    Rev Bill, you can take advantage of the SermonCentral PRO offer anytime, even if you’ve already upgraded. Just use the link above to sign up so they know we sent you!
    Esie, the Libronix DLS engine can be downloaded free from: This allows you to unlock (add) books individually.

  11. Could I ask that you consider adding into this? As the title suggests, they offer free audio versions of sermons and they have 107,000 of them – more than anyone else on ther web.

  12. Rafael Espinoza says

    dar de gracia lo que de gracia recibid
    Gracias por su trabajo, gracias por su perseverancia y gracias por todo

  13. Ron Martien says

    This would be a great inclusion to the origional purchase software, provide it to me if this has been included with what I have purchased… God Bless.
    Director, Good Samaritan Ministries (GSM) La Pine Center
    Ron Martien (Minister)
    % Director GSM LaPine Center

  14. Thanks so much for integrating my two favorite study tools! I used Sermon Central before purchaseing Libronix several years ago and am delighted that it will now be right there with my passage guide. God bless you for making Bible Study even more enjoyable.

  15. jamesnormansr says

    i would like to have this in help me in my study of god word