Zooming Syntax Graphs

Some syntax graphs are small. Others (e.g. Rom 1.1-6; Titus 1.1-4; Col 1.3-8) are huge.

Sometimes it’s nice to zoom in and out to get a picture of the whole structure, or the extent of the clause. And that can be hard to do using the zoom button in the toolbar.

But if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel and a control key … well, it’s pretty easy. And this video shows you how.

Now try it yourself: click here to open the OpenText.org Syntactically Analyzed GNT: Clause Analysis and get your zoom on.


  1. You have got to enable this for every resource! I’ve gotten used to using the scroll wheel to change font size in Firefox. Please consider making it work for all resources.

  2. John Calvin Hall says

    This is an excellent example and tutorial on how to accompliish a simple yet useful task in Libronix.

  3. Philana Crouch says

    Would it be possible to sometime be able to actually print these, or import them into Word, they would be very helpful in exegesis papers.