Share the Excitement of Better Bible Study!

Remember your excitement and anticipation the first time you used Logos Bible Software? Running your first Passage Guide and seeing all the books that you could open with just a click. It was like someone cut the covers from all those books and set the information free.

Deep and thorough Bible study suddenly seemed that much more attainable.
Now you can help your friends, co-workers, relatives, congregation, or pastor experience that same joy. The new Refer a Friend program from Logos (previously introduced here) is the perfect way to spread the word about Logos Bible Software, while ensuring that your friend gets the best price possible on the Logos collections. And you receive a little something for your trouble.

So take a moment to think about the people you know who would benefit from a tool like Logos Bible Software, grab your digital address book, and head to:

The people you refer get 25% off any of the seven Logos base collections…and you get a $25 gift certificate (good on any purchase at for each qualified referral who buys a base collection.

It’s a win-win-win.

If you love using Logos Bible Software and want your friends and family members to get the best possible discount on the world’s greatest tool for Bible study…this program is built for you!


  1. I look forward to coming to the Logos Blog, especially to see if there is a tool that I have overlooked or under utilized. Thus, I don’t mind – from time to time – the extra blogging of recipes and cookoffs or marketing efforts.
    That said, it seems to me that there are times when Logos might be running out of material to blog (thus, missed days, even though the Home page advertises that the blog is updated every week day) or – as in today’s case – doing the “refer a friend” type of a blog twice within the last two weeks. I state this for the purpose of asking Logos if they would be willing to have their zealous customers to submit material for you to blog on days “ya got nothing”. There are some creative Logos users that would love to share features that your staff hasn’t considered, and through their submission would give you the idea to blog (especially when it includes the video tutorials) or have them submit the blog itself.
    Just a thought that I hope is helpful to you.