Latest Beta Fixes Compatibility with IE7

Logos developers were able to isolate and fix the compatibility problems with Logos Bible Software and Internet Explorer 7. The “emergency release” that Bob mentioned in yesterday’s post can be downloaded here:

Update to Libronix DLS 3.0b Beta 2

Unlike most beta versions, we will provide support for Libronix DLS 3.0b Beta 2.
The download size will vary, depending on which version you currently have installed and how many resources you need/choose to update. Estimates are:

  • Libronix DLS 2.1cCore update plus all recommended resources: ~250 MB
  • Libronix DLS 3.0Core updates plus all recommended resources: ~750 MB
  • Libronix DLS 3.0aCore updates only: ~25 MB

If you scan through the list of recommended resources when updating and see items that you never use, feel free to deselect them to save yourself some download time.


  1. David Pereira says:

    Should this Beta be OK to install even BEFORE we get IE 7.0? I assume so.
    Thanks, dp

  2. Yes, it will work fine with IE 6, too.

  3. The fix seems to work well. I now have a Sermon File Addin Beta license that will be expiring in 12+ days. I tried to update licenses but got the same message. I don’t know that I had a license for this addin before the update though.

  4. Michael Wert says:

    I will be changing over to Vista in a few months. Would it be best to get the DVD update, or will we be able to update over the internet?

  5. Thanks! You guys rock for the Rock!

  6. Benjamin R. Phillips says:

    I had installed the release version of IE7, then discovered the conflicts with LDLS. I tried to uninstall IE7 to reinstall IE6, but IE7 would not perform a “complete uninstall” so IE6 would not reinstall. I was looking for you guys to post a fix and I am so thankful you have! I now have the release of IE7 and my Scholars Silver Library running perfectly. Thanks Logos! P.S. I am anxiously awaiting the release of Logos for Mac so I can get away from these terrible Windows systems!

  7. Mike DeFronzo says:

    I received the same message as Daniel regarding the license for the Sermon File Beta. Is there something that needs to be done regarding this?

  8. Harold Hansen says:

    I tried the download that took forever…Got 67% downloaded and it hung up. Boo Hiss!

  9. Daniel Foster says:

    MED and Mike, the sermon file addin is a feature that’s part of the beta for testing by users. Feel free to play around with it and provide feedback on the beta newsgroup, or not, as you will: news://
    Michael, info on Vista is being posted to: Bottom line is, version 3.0b Beta 2 and Vista get along well. My understanding is that the final release of 3.0b will be fully Vista-friendly. We’ll have it available for download and on disc once it’s finalized.

  10. Vic Dunton says:

    I’ve tried to download the upgrade and the best I’ve done is 34% before it stops downloading.