Final IE 7 Breaks Logos Bible Software

Amazingly, the final release of IE 7 (released yesterday) introduced yet more changes that break Logos Bible Software.

The v3.0a update which we encouraged you to download yesterday does not work with the final release of IE 7. To fix this, we’ll be making an “emergency release” of v3.0b available later today. This will fix the worst problems with IE 7, and a more thoroughly tested release will be available in the coming weeks (which will also have the latest Vista compatibility fixes).

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. Please check back here for the latest information.
Update 10/20: Latest Beta Fixes Compatibility with IE7


  1. Eric Olsson says

    Thanks for the update–I am thankful that it is not just my installation that seems broken.
    I look forward to getting the updates.
    May God continue to bless you in all your work.

  2. Interestingly, I’ve been using the Beta of MS.Exp7 and have had no problems with my libronix 3.0. I did the 3.0a yesterday, and I’m ready for 3.0b. This is just like Microsoft! I’m afraid they’ll upgrade me to the final Explorer 7.0 and incapacitate my Logos, and that can’t happen–I use it all day every day.
    I’m so grateful that Logos is on the ball and caught all this beforehand. As you say, it’s the right thing to do–but few software developers would do it.

  3. Downloaded ie7 today. So far no problems with Libronix.

  4. Linda Robertson says

    I also used the IE7 Beta without adverse effects to my Libronix v.3.0 software. However, it did create havoc with my other Bible software as well as several additional applications.
    I am now using Mozilla-Firefox which includes the flexibility of Tab browsing and several additional options that IE7 does not offer. Moreover, there are no compatibility issues involving M-F and any other installed applications.
    Microsoft’s refusal to provide updates via any browser other than its own IE does present a problem if IE6 is not installed on your computer.
    This problem can be avoided by launching IE6 to download any security or other important updates from Microsoft.
    One other problem to look out for is the possibility of disabling all software applications that are installed after downloading IE7. All applications that are installed via your CD drive or downloaded from the Web after the installation of IE7 are somehow “embedded” in IE7. When uninstalling IE7 your computer will be scanned for applications installed subsequent to IE7 and you will be warned that uninstalling IE7 may cause all of the applications listed with the warning to stop working properly. You should take the warning seriously. After uninstalling IE7 Beta, I had to reformat my hard drive and reinstall all of my applications.

  5. James Walling says

    Thankfully, I never upgrade right away, unless it is Logos. Experience in the industry has taught me to wait, until they release the first patch to the upgrade and then you still wait till you are certain that is doesn’t bring about any bad side effects. When I was younger I was burned too many times being an early adopter.

  6. Michael Green says

    Any update? I know you said “later today” on the 19th, but sometimes things take longer than planned. Is there a new estimate for when you will post 3.0b?

  7. I upgraded to IE7 this morning and have not experienced any conflicts with Logos 3.0a as yet.

  8. They released the update on their beta website:

  9. I retract my post of a few hours ago. I now see that both my Passage and Exegetical guide searchs do not work with IE7
    Norm Eddy

  10. Michael Green says

    I’m running 3.0b Beta 2 and my issues are resolved. For some strange reason, I’ve either picked up some new books, or I just don’t remember what I had seen before when I looked at Gal 5:22-23, but it FEELS like more content is visible. (I don’t mind free stuff).

  11. Nate Christensen says

    After installing 3.0b, I receive this warning:
    Licenses Expiring Soon – Sermon File Addin Beta Unlocks.
    Everything still works….just an FYI.