Logos Soup Contest 2006

Last Friday (Sept. 15) was Soup Cookoff Day at Logos. We blogged the soup cookoff last year and wanted to do something similar this year.
This year the winner was actually my Dad (!) who loves soup so much we can’t keep him away on soup day. Congrats to Dad and to the other winners:

  • 1st Place: Chuck Brannan with “Chuck’s Spicy Seafood Bisque”
  • 2nd Place: Justin & Naomi Boyer with “Big Toe Baked Potatoe Soup”
  • 3rd Place: Dave Kaplan with “Cheesy Chicken”

We had 20 soups this year. Your intrepid Logos bloggers didn’t fare so well in the contest. My soup, “Sweet Panang’d Squash” didn’t place; nor did Eli’s “Ye Olde Lentils”. I guess the Logos palatte wasn’t ready for squash & lentils. Maybe next year …
More photos of the day are below the fold, so check ’em out!
Update: Several have asked about recipes. I’ll see if the chefs who created the top 3 recipes will allow their recipes to be posted on the blog.

Here’s the winner. Not a true bisque because the shells aren’t pulverized and used as thickener, but still very, very yummy!

And here’s the reigning champ, my Dad. I’m off on the side.

Here’s the #2 soup. It’s hard to go wrong with baked potato soup, and this one was very well executed.

And here’s Naomi Boyer, representing Big Toe Baked Potatoe

Dave Kaplan’s third-place entry. Well executed. Creamy, cheesey, chicken-ey goodness!

Eli’s entry, Ye Olde Lentils. It was very good, but it’s hard to win on lentils alone.

Here’s my entry, Sweet Panang’d Squash. Apparently the added power of panang curry and coconut milk didn’t push the squash to victory.

Logos employees eagerly filling up their sample cups.

Soups assembled, ready for tasting!



  1. Looks better than MM MM Good! With our cooler temps moving in, time to bring out the soup! Guess our butternut squash soup wouldn’t have won either.

  2. James S. Lowery says

    Especially for the Big Toe Potato Soup!! (How did it get that name??)

  3. Hi,
    could I have the receipts of the following soups?
    * Chuck’s Spicy Seafood Bisque
    * The Big Toe Baked Potatoe Soup
    * Cheesy Chicken
    they are looking great!
    [Editor’s note: if you search the blog using the box in the sidebar for “recipe”, you’ll find all sorts of good stuff!]

  4. Where are the recipes?