Hebrew-English Interlinear Update

Libronix DLS 3.0a Release Candidate 4 (the latest beta version) includes a new build of the Lexham Hebrew-English Interlinear. This build contains many significant enhancements, including Andersen-Forbes morphology tags and homograph indicators. It is the first edition of the LHI to be hooked into the new KeyLinking tables so that navigating to Hebrew and Aramaic lexicons will be much more accurate.

This represents a major improvement over previous versions of this resource, though it is still a work-in-progress. We hope to add cantillation marks into the running text and improve the support for Qere readings, and the team of scholars which produced this work continues to polish it.

To get the latest enhancements to your Hebrew-English Interlinear you can download LDLS 3.0a RC4. Once version 3.0a ships, the rebuilt interlinear will also be available on the Logos FTP site and via update disc.


  1. For the first time – from my end user perspective – it seems to me like Logos is making a more diligent effort in the continuance of their product. From the 1.6 v days – through the 2.1 days, there seemed to be minimum effort (lack of resources: financing, programmers, both, etc.?) in ridding bugs and improving features/performance.
    Since moving to the Libronix engine and especially in the 3.x era, there is a noticeable (if not more public) effort to improve on what has officially become my favorite product (I left the daily use of logos 2.1 and used E-Sword for routine usage) because there are so many rich features that make my study not only profitable but a true treasure!
    In other words, these incremental updates (which take place from weekly – during the early alpha/beta days of the 3.0 version; and now 3.0a) bring me back to the Logos web site daily to read the new blogs and check on the next iteration of the Logos Bible software.
    Hands down….Logos 3.x is simply the best and seemingly only getting better. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all your hard and wonderful labors.