New Resources for Apologetics

Over the past couple of weeks, we have quietly released many new apologetics-related resources for Logos Bible Software. Some of these are brand new to the platform and a few are re-releases. Here’s a quick round-up of these titles…

Cults & Religions


  • Bible and Spade Collection – 30 years’ worth of archaeological journals from the Holy Land. The organization behind this journal–Associates for Biblical Research –has as its stated mission to strengthen the faith and biblical understanding of Christians. If you enjoy archaeology for its own sake, or as part of the larger conversation about creation and the Bible’s historicity, you’ll want to pick this one up.

  • Dennis Gordon Lindsay on Creationism – 10 volumes on the topic of creationism and evolutionism. If you purchased a Logos base product prior to May 2006, you probably already have these. But if not, they are now available for individual purchase via download.

  • The Genesis Factor – Taking a different approach to life’s big questions, the authors of this book use the Socratic method to help readers engage in a “conversation” with the book of Genesis.

Engaging the Culture

  • Christian Ethics in Plain Language – Author Kerby Anderson offers a survey of Christian ethics followed by 18 chapters addressing important ethical issues that are a hotly debated today.
  • I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist – Well-known author Norman Geisler and Frank Turek throw down the gauntlet for skeptics by exposing and challenging their dearly-held beliefs, then arguing that Christianity is the most reasonable worldview.

  • Reasonable Faith – One of the heavyweights among apologetics resources, this volume by William Lane Craig serves as a textbook in apologetic or philosophy of religion courses. As Craig explains in the preface, this work is intended to “fill the gaps” left in traditional theological education and works of systematic theology. Here he addresses the apologetic angle of each major theological topic in post-Reformation Protestant theology: faith, man, God, creation, and Christ.

More new books (many of which did not pass through the prepub program) can be browsed in the New Products listing.


  1. Please check the photo you have for the D. Lindsay book at this URL: The photo is for Henry M. Morris’ book, not the book by D. Lindsay. However, is the book photo an indication of things to come? Do you plan on releasing Henry Morris’ classic book in the near future? That would be phenomenal! We need much better quality titles from Logos on Creation science…

  2. Daniel Foster says

    Thanks for pointing that out. It’s now fixed.
    We are looking into what would comprise a top-notch Creation Science collection and will consider this a vote for Morris. Our “dream team” list for such a collection and the list of what we’re actually able to license can be very different, though. :-)

  3. I have been waiting for LDS and JW resources. They are great. How about teaming up with Christian Research Institute (CRI) and digitizing ALL their in-house resources. That would be FANTASTIC!!!

  4. Rick Martin says

    I’d like to recommend the resources of REASONS TO BELIEVE( as a possibility for future digitizing for a GREAT faith & science apologetics library.