New and different titles on the prepub page

If the flood of new prepub titles has caused you to tune out—or you’ve just been waiting for something other than Continuum books—now is a good time to check back in.
In the past week, our prepub guy Zack has added some variety to the offerings in the form of:
JPS Bible and Torah Commentary Collection (9 volumes) – This is a great complement to The Tanakh, which has been available for Libronix DLS for some time. We’ve had a lot of customer requests for these commentaries over the years and it’s great to finally beef up the library in a category where we’ve been weak.

Continuity and Discontinuity – A perennial source of debate—and a question that stands at the crux of covenant theology and dispensationalism—is “How do the Old and New Testaments relate to one another?” Or as the preface to this volume poses the question, “How are we to relate what he has said through the prophets of old to what has been revealed through his apostles?” The 13 essays in this volume shed light on the issue and deliver some of the best thinking in this area.

Seven Practices of Effective Ministry – Andy Stanley is the senior pastor of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. In a survey of pastors published earlier this summer by The Church Report magazine, North Point was named third among the “most influential churches in America.” Whether writing a book like this is a cause or a product of such influence, I cannot say…but it should be a worthwhile read, regardless.

The Pleasures of God (Piper) – Satisfaction is universally desired but often eludes our grasp. In this work, Piper shows how our satisfaction is dependent on God’s satisfaction.

Lange’s Commentary on the Holy Scriptures – This title was languishing on the Community Pricing Page, if you will excuse the pun, but found a number of advocates among our users. In response to their pleas, we have decided to give it another go as a prepub title and see if it will fly. With more than 13,600 pages of very dense type this is going to be rather expensive to produce…so we’ll need your help (in the form of a pre-order)!


  1. Jonely Moy says

    Can we try to put Lange’s Commentary on the Holy Scriptures back on the Community Pricing Program? I was hoping to pick it up for the highly possible Community Pricing price of $50-60, and not for the Pre-Pub price of $174.95.
    Come on people, see what happens when you don’t bid on Community Pricing items, they get bumped up into the Pre-Pub category at over a possible triple the lowest bid price!

  2. There are a couple of resource books that I personally think would be good to digitize. Is there a process that you go about in choosing what resource materials that you produce? That would be something interesting to blog about.

  3. You have the Anchor Bible Dictionary available, what is the chance of getting the Anchor Bible Commentary Series on Logos?

  4. Daniel Foster says

    Jonely, moving Lange’s to prepub gives it the best chance to be produced at any price.
    Mark, that’s a good suggestion. We collect customer requests at but what happens after that could be interesting to explore in a post.
    Kevin, so far the chance of getting ABC has been nil. Could that change in the future? All we can do is keep on trying. :-)

  5. If you get enough people to subscribe to Lange’s would it be possible to lower the price back down to whatever the corresponding Community Price would have been?

  6. I echo Jlonely’s comments. I am a seminary student and I have an appreciation for Lange’s commentary, but I just can’t do $174. I could manage $50-$60. I value this series (despite some exegetical problems). I didn’t even know that this was on pre-pub! Sign up people please (and please Logos lower the price if possible).