National Camp Logos 2006…Recap!

“It was a scorcher, but the training was fantastic.” That seemed to sum up the views of those who attended National Camp Logos here in Bellingham in late July.

About 80 Logos users turned out for Morris Proctor’s 2-day training seminar, held at a local church. They came from all over the U.S. (and Canada) to take their Bible software skills to the next level and to hang out with other Logos users. The temps reached the upper 80s on Friday, but that didn’t seem to dry up the crowd’s enthusiasm.
For many attendees, this was not their first Camp Logos experience. A handful of users come back every year. A common theme I heard when asking attendees what they get out of attending multiple times is that Camp shakes them out of a rut, pushes them to use more of the software’s features, use it more effectively, and try new things.

The folks who attended also had an opportunity to interact with Bob and Dale Pritchett, dine together at a local restaurant, and tour the Logos facility. If you missed it, don’t worry—we’ll do another one next year. And in the meantime you can check the Camp Logos calendar for an event near you…without some of the fringe benefits of the “National” event but very worthwhile, nevertheless.

Click any of the photos on this page to see a larger version and be sure to check out the video to watch some Camp clips and brief interviews with Camp Logos attendees. As you’ll see, everyone I talked to was very fired up about Logos 3 and Camp Logos!

Windows Media Video, 3:48, 4.3MB


  1. Wow – looks like you have some great stuff happening for Logos users in North America.

  2. Andy Anderson says:

    I enjoyed these sessions very much! Morris Proctor is an incredible teacher that knows the software inside out, and is able to take you as a beginner through experienced user, and cover a large portion of training, keeping everyone up to speed. He is a Pastor, and shares his tips, so provides practical use of this software program in a day to day usage. There were plenty of breaks throughout the training, which allowed you to get to know other people that had attended. A dinner on Thursday night was super, as it allowed us to visit further with each other, and discuss the training, and get to know fellow Logos Bible Software users.
    At the seminar, there were opportunities to purchase books at reduced pricing. This gave me an opportunity to look at suggested options, choose my books, pay for them, and then receive it right at the seminar and take it home with me. Morris Proctor also has some excellent materials that he provided to help you in your studies and usage of the product.
    The sessions moved along quickly, as he kept it lively and interactive. I was amazed as to how fast the day went by, because it was an enjoyable way to learn.
    I highly recommend this 2 day session to everyone that uses or wants to use this software. I learned so much, and am pleased to be able to use that knowledge in my daily bible study using Logos Bible Software.
    If you have not attended this session, you are missing out on the best training available. I will be there next year, the year after that, and Lord willing many years to come.
    Thank you!
    Andy Anderson
    Lynden, Washington