Vocabulary Lists and Flashcards

Logos Bible Software version 3.0 sports a new feature called Vocabulary Lists that can be used to create flashcards to help you learn Greek, Hebrew or almost any other language. In addition, we’ve already made vocabulary lists for many popular Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic grammars so that you don’t have to! To learn more about creating vocabulary lists or downloading the pre-made lists, check out the new web article. Cheers!


  1. Philip Gons says

    Thanks for these lists. Very helpful. One question/suggestion though: Logos is the leader of digitizing biblical study helps, so why is *printing on paper* our only option? Don’t get me wrong; this is nice. But Logos needs to create a vocabulary module within LDLS so people can teaching themselves vocabulary on their computer. BibleWorks has a nice one, but I’d like one less reason to have to open BibleWorks. :)

  2. Vincent Setterholm says

    Philip – making vocabulary lists and flashcards was the first logical step towards more full-featured, on screen drilling. I’m fairly sure you will see that feature added to a future release.

  3. Aaron Frey says

    Even better–and a great way to make a lot of friends–would be a module that creates flash cards for Palm and/or Windows Mobile so that they can more easily be taken on the road. Of course, I suppose that would be a whole new area of develpment for you guys, so I guess it’s wishful thinking, eh?

  4. This is a great tool, except the formatting on the printing does not always work correctly. In fact, I have not been able to get it to work correctly at all. Every time I choose 10 words/ page it always prints 8 on one page then 2 on a second page. This makes the flash cards far to big to be practical. It would be nice if we could have a little more freedom on the size of the cards.