Hebrew (and Greek) KeyLinking in 3.0 (and 3.0a)

There is a new article on the website titled “Getting to the right definitions in Hebrew lexicons“. It describes the new LDLS version 3.0a enhancements to KeyLinking. While most of the article discusses Hebrew, there is information on Greek and other languages as well. The article Hebrew KeyLinking: A Strategy has also be rewritten to reflect how to get the most out of 3.0/3.0a. Enjoy!


  1. David Pereira says

    Good to hear about 3.0a — when can I get it? I just ran an Update and am left at 3.0.

  2. David Cortes says

    Thank you again for your helpfull information. One question, in the title for this article you mention the KeyLinking in 3.0 (and 3.0a). Where can I find the 3.0a version?

  3. Vincent Setterholm says

    3.0a is the next version of the software. You can try out the beta release at http://www.logos.com/beta. The beta installer does provide the option of downloading many of the new lexicons and texts.

  4. Will the Targums use the new look-up technology to get to entries available in HALOT 5, Holladay’s Concise HALOT, and DBL – Aramaic?

  5. Vincent Setterholm says

    CTB – maybe someday, but I’m not sure the payoff would be worth the effort. The biblical lexicons only cover a small fraction of the words in the Targums, and they don’t tend to provide any detailed coverage of how words are used in the post-biblical dialects. We’d also have to come up with a solution to prevent bad links from happening for all the Targum words that should never link to a biblical lexicon. Right now, if a table-based look-up fails, Libronix still tries to look up words by spelling.

  6. Good article. Question regarding keylinking Hebrew to make hyperlink. Is this necessary as I get to the lemma with a double mouse click on the form? Also, the results are different if I make a hyperlink and single click from right mouse click to keylink to lemma. Why is that? A bug perhap?
    J Fidel

  7. Vincent Setterholm says

    J Fidel – nice catch. The double-click behavior did change in LDLS 3.0, and I was unaware of it. I’ve updated the webpage accordingly. Turning on single-click KeyLinking does have the advantage of executing the KeyLink based on what part of a compound word you are hovering over.
    With regards to the different results, please provide as much information as you can, including what version of the Bible you are in, what your promoted Lexicons are, what version of LDLS you are running, and the verse and word you are KeyLinking on, and the timestamps of the Bible and lexicon in question from the Help | About This Resource screen, and I’ll take a look. Thanks!

  8. John Fidel says

    Hi Vincent,
    Try BHS 4.2 at Joel 1.9 on the Hebrew word “House”. Concise HAL as preferred lexicon. Hyperlink goes to page 399, right mouse keylink on lemma goes to page 38. It is confused regarding aramic or hebrew. I think it should be hebrew.
    John Fidel

  9. Vincent Setterholm says

    I cannot reproduce this problem running version 3.0a. If you’re still running 3.0, I don’t think Concise HAL was done for the 3.0 release, so you’re probably not seeing the new KeyLinking in action. If you ARE running 3.0a, re-run the beta installer and make sure you have downloaded the latest versions of the BHS with Westminster 4.2 Morphology and Concise HAL.

  10. John Fidel says

    Running the latest beta with the latest resources. I will check after the next update and then post in the NG as necessary.

  11. We want to thannk you your efforts in making the study Bible accesible. Hats off to you. Thanks again!