Syntax Search Example: More Searching for Qualification

Once again, in the home group study, I ran across a phrase that caused me to ask a question. This time I’m in First Thessalonians 5.2 and the phrase is “day of the Lord”.

Earlier, I’d searched for “What other things qualify παρουσία?” (see post here). In this example, I use that same search as a starting point (sort of like a template) to search for “What other things qualify ἡμέρα (‘day’)?”

So this video (Flash, 11 megs, with sound) shows how to load the old query (which was saved) and modify it.

But as I was making the video, I had a flash of insight: I could use the semantic domain tagging to search for something similar but not constrain myself to vocabulary. I could search for where references to deity qualified words in the time domain. So I run through that aspect of modifying the search as well.


  1. Tim Bahula says

    Another good example. Thanks Rick. Two things that struck me about it. First, you’ve trained us well in the use of “Anything” terms; but I noticed that you didn’t use them in this query. I wondered if it would make a difference so added them. Doing so turned up one additional result, Rev. 16:14 “the great day of Almighty God”.
    The second thing, even though it’s rather nitpicky, is that the query is searching for “Domain Time qualified by Domain Supernatural” rather than the other way around, which is how you saved your query.
    Thanks again for the lesson!

  2. Hi Tim.
    Looks like I was a little sloppy on this one. Thanks for catching the problems and letting us know about them!
    I didn’t skip the [anything] on purpose; it was just sloppiness. Same for the naming of the file.
    Thanks again!

  3. I made some suggestions in the news group “suggestions” for how to improve the search syntax in a way that greatly simplifies these sorts of searches. The short version is by adding a “wildcard” node and an AND operator, you can avoid repitition and worrying about adding “anythings”. Your example in this one, would end up looking like this:
    WildCard (Head Term or Modifier)
    …Word 1: Lexeme-Plain = “greek stuff”
    …Modifier 1: Category = Qualifier – Highlight
    (parden the …, but the blog is swallowing leading spaces) This would indicate that Word 1 and Modifier 1 are both the immediate children of the same node, regardless (Head Term or Modifier). It says nothing about word order or distance between them. My news postings also discusses this is a little more detail.