Revving Up the Publishing Juggernaut!

If you’ve been a Logos customer for very long, you’ve probably noticed that something has changed during the month of June. We used to post three or four new prepub titles per month, on average…this month we’ve already posted 11…with 4 new titles posted last week alone!

With some 2,000 books as part of the Continuum license, plus all the other contracts and books we have in the pipeline, we’ve had to ratchet things up a notch. A new guy in the marketing department, Zack Rock, is doing a great job of researching the books and crafting descriptions for the prepub page. He’s been cranking them out at a pace of 1-2 titles per day…so if you’ve fallen behind, here’s a quick update:

What’s New on the Prepub Page

Bible Study Helps

Books for Educators & Counselors

Greek Resources

Shipping Soon
This is your last chance to get a prepublication discount on the following titles. Once they ship, the price will go up so place your pre-order right away.

  • International Theological Commentary (27 vols)This commentary emphasizes the theology of the Old Testament, combining excellence in scholarship with relevant insight for today’s church. The Last Chance email already went out; we should be getting this back from replication soon, and will ship shortly after the Independence Day holiday.
  • Ryrie’s Basic Theology
    A clear and understandable systematic theology from a major figure in evangelicalism. Yes, this is the same guy who edited the widely-used Ryrie Study Bible. This title went through production very quickly. First posted to the prepub page May 25, it is due to ship around July 10.

Whew! That’s a lot and it’s just the new stuff…visit the prepub page to see a complete listing of what’s available at a prepub discount and take advantage of the opportunity to expand your library while saving some dough!

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  1. Prepub is always the first place I go when visiting Logos. These past few weeks have been particularly exciting. Keep up the good work, Logos, keep on surprising us :)

  2. Robert (Jim) Hawley says

    Appreciate some of the new titles. I would be looking for other research tools such as The Oxford English Dictionary all 12 volumes. In addition, it would be useful to have Oxford Companion to Literature, music as well as some theological journals going back to some of the earlier isssues.

  3. Michael D. Castillo says

    Have you considered making available the “Koran” and the “Hadith’s” of Islam? It would be extremely helpful in quickly locating all references of Islam’s satanic passages to demonstrate the evil of Islam.

  4. Greg Justice says

    I would like to see Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Romans.
    I have already ordered Lloyd-Jones on Ephesians.

  5. Henry Sherwood says

    You have published DeHan, However another excellent teaching minister who was teaching at tne same time was/is Edward Drew.
    I honestly believe that he was a many times better teacher then DeHan and a number of his works were published which were the bi and tri weekly sermons that he gave and were transcribed into books such as acomplete Ephesians, Revelation ETC, therse are complete verse by verse works, with excellent Old/New testement referencing.

  6. Could you have the writings of Ellen Gould White on your list of prepubs also.

  7. Daniel Foster says

    Thanks for all the great suggestions!
    As far as I know, we’ll do any Martyn Lloyd-Jones commentaries or Oxford volumes that we can license.
    Edward Drew is a new name for me; I’ll check him out.
    The complete writings of Ellen G. White have been published for Libronix DLS by Review & Herald Publishing: