How is that Hebrew or Greek Word Translated?

One feature request that we’ve had a lot in the past 10 years or so runs something like this:

So, I have this Greek word. I want to know all the ways it is translated in the New Testament. How do I do that?

Another similar question is frequently asked as well:

What are the different Greek words that get translated as this English word in the New Testament?

We couldn’t always answer these questions before. In some ways, we could use Strong’s numbers as a bridge, but it wasn’t one-click easy to search the text to answer these sorts of questions.
With Reverse Interlinears, answering these questions is quick, easy, and elegant.

You’re using Logos 3 and hadn’t realized this yet? That’s OK, there is a lot of new stuff in Logos 3.
I figured I’d make a video to run you through how to use Reverse Interlinears to start to answer these questions as you study the Bible.

For those of you who haven’t upgraded and added Reverse Interlinears yet … you can do that on our upgrade page.


  1. Once again, very helpful for two reasons. Firslty because I’ve asked these questions a lot, and secondly, becuase I’ve learned something new about the Logos 3 features.

  2. NancyDiane Gunter says

    Your little video is the very reason I decided to buy this product. I had initially thought it cost too much but after seeing this, it is like an answered prayer I have long asked of The Lord to explain His Word accurately to me. Thank you so much and I really mean this…God Bless You! Sincerely, Diane Gunter

  3. Dona Ziegler says

    We are looking for an interlinear English/Hebrew Reverse Old Testament ESV Bible with Strong’s Concordance numbers under each word. Can you help us?