$6,650 in Shipping Charges?

Today’s guest blogger, Mark Van Dyke, is the newest member of the Logos marketing department.
In addition to saving shelf space and being easy to replace, electronic books also lower moving costs, an important incentive considering Logos software is used by missionaries around the world. Considering the large number of resources in Logos’ higher end libraries (Scholar’s Library, Scholar’s Library: Silver and Scholar’s Library: Gold) the amount of money that is saved during a move to another continent more than pays for the software itself.

For example, when a missionary family of four moves to Nigeria the cost of shipping their baggage alone is approximately $1,300! *

If a missionary owned the corresponding print versions of Logos book collections the substantial cost of moving would increase even more. Below is a listing of the cost of airmailing the print versions of three libraries from the United States to Papua New Guinea. The weights of each respective collection are shown in parentheses.

  • Scholar’s Library (936 lbs.) – $3,125.50
  • Scholar’s Library: Silver (1,073 lbs.) – $4,921.00
  • Scholar’s Library: Gold (1,450 lbs.) – $6,650.00

When shipping from the United States to Mongolia, Chad, Estonia or Jordan the average cost of sending print versions of Scholar’s: Gold resources averages just under $5,000!

If the financial burden were not enough one should also consider the hours of back-breaking labor required in packing and unpacking the hundreds of books in each collection. We at Logos recommend the method of buying the books on one DVD and throwing the disc in your carry-on luggage.

* Figure provided by Serving in Mission


  1. Michael Hollinger says

    I get the point about the shelf space already! You and my wife must be talking behind my back!!! (Okay, in all seriousness, your posts have inspired me to divest myself of more than 100 pounds of books – 80 to Eagles Nest Ministries, 20 pounds to Jerry Barlow (New Orleans) – and a couple of books on Amazon to pay the $46 that it cost to ship the 100 pounds of donated books.
    Now, here’s my challenge for you, Logos:let me incorporate and search all of the PDFs and plain text books (ala CCEL.ORG and Gutenburg, etc…) that I’ve collected. I know that you can display a PDF in Logos, but it sure would be nice if it could appear in MyLibrary, and be searchable. I know it wouldn’t be nearly as fast, but it would double the rate at which I could unload my dead trees. :)

  2. Great post – and I can certainly relate. There are ways to ship books cheaper than you described (i.e. USPS M-bag) but it is still expensive, risky and always a pain. A thin little laptop w/800+ books is much more desirable!

  3. Tim Bahula says

    Yes, I can relate too. Portability is a key factor for my investment in Scholar’s Gold. However, no “faith missionary” (responsible for raising all of their own funding) that I know would ship the entire Scholar’s Gold library in print to Papua New Guinea by airmail. Portions of it via airmail perhaps. All of it by M-bag or sea container perhaps. All of it on a laptop? Certainly! I carry mine with me many places and it will go with me when we return to the mission field.

  4. Whew! Thankfully I have it all on DVD! That would sure weight down the car if I ever had to move it, & if I wanted to try shipping it, t would be a nightmare!
    Interesting post!