Logos Bible Software 3 is here!

Logos Bible Software 3 is now shipping! Visit our online upgrade tool to get a personalized upgrade discount and a chart showing all the new books and addins you’ll receive when you upgrade.

For a limited time, get a 25% “early bird” discount on your Logos 3 upgrade! So visit www.logos.com/upgrade right away…

How Big is Logos Bible Software 3?
The launch of Logos Bible Software 3 is as big as the launch of Libronix back in 2001. It’s been said that the third version of a software application is where everything comes together in a big way. The refinements, enhancements, and additions you’ll see with Logos Bible Software 3 show this to be true.

Nearly five years ago, we introduced a brand new technology to the world. Today, Logos Bible Software 3 reflects countless hours of improvements, resulting from thousands of pieces of feedback from users of the Libronix Digital Library System.

Yes, there are tweaks, speed optimizations, and bug fixes in Logos 3. The software is faster and more reliable than ever. In fact, we have rebuilt or revised every major tool and report in the system.

But more exciting than that are the completely new tools, data, resources and reports that will make your Bible study better and more effective!

We’ve listed more than 100 significant new features and feature enhancements in Logos Bible Software 3…and each one helps you study the Bible better, more efficiently, and in greater depth!
We’ve also gathered as many of the new resources and tools as we could into one supersized package, this time calling it Scholar’s Library: Gold. With more than 700 titles worth more than $11,700 in print, Gold raises the bar on what it means to own a large, digital library of Bible reference materials!

If you can swing it, I’d recommend upgrading to Scholar’s Library: Gold. It’s a great value and with an upgrade discount plus the 25% early bird discount, there’s no better time to expand your library and your Bible study horizons!

Stay tuned for additional details and videos on Logos 3…but before you do anything else, check out the online upgrade tool to get a custom discount and see all the great content you can add to your library!


  1. David Melchior says

    At what point in time, if any, will existing Logos users be able to upgrade to Logos 3 for their present library? If allowed, what will be needed to upgrade the individual books in our libraries?

  2. You can upgrade now. I have. If you already have on of the library packs, the upgrade calculator will create a custom price. It’s pretty reasonable, I think. If you’ve never bought a library but have lots of individual books, I’d recommend giving sales a call. They might be able to do you a deal based on what you already have.

  3. Carl Garrison says

    The thing that worries me is that with Logos 3, those of us who live 300 plus miles from one of your “training camps” or for some other reason (like having to work for a living) can’t come to a training session may still be stuck with Logos 2 for some time to come, regardless of the price, even though I seem to remember somewhere back in my admittedly faulty memory that “improvements” in the Logos program would always be free. Guess that went the way of $2.00 per gallon gasoline. Are those of us with Logos 2 going to be forced into Logos 3? Due to non support of Logos 2 or other reasons. I still am probably using Logos 2 at about 33% of its capability due to no training and no manuals. But at least I can use that part that I know. Now here comes all this new stuff, again with what kind of training for those of us who aren’t blessed with living in/near a great metropolotan area (try NW Wyoming). Just a tweak for you to think about those of us who can’t come to your schools, but still pay our money for your product. Don’t leave us out in the cold.

  4. Bill Vaughan says

    According to your website, Logos is old software and Libronix is the new software. In fact, your FAQ page says Logos 2 is the end of the line for the old software. So, what is Logos 3, since Logos is obsolete? Is Libronix obsolete and Logos back? But if that’s the case what is “3”? Is it the version after Logos 2 or after Libronix 2? If it’s after Logos 2, then it’s built ont the Logos code base and is only an upgrade for Logos 2 users? But it can’t be after Libronix 2 because its Logos not Libronix.
    Can I assume that all of my existing Library from before will work? What features do I lose if I don’t upgrade the books? Why aren’t basic answers like this put on your website and you have to have road trip?

  5. Daniel Foster says

    Bill, I can see how this could be confusing.
    Logos Bible Software 3 is, indeed, built on the Libronix Digital Library System (Libronix DLS). Work on the old Logos Library System (LLS) ceased some 5-6 years ago.
    We always retain the name Logos Bible Software as new versions and new platforms are developed. As a user, your books will continue to work every time you upgrade to the newest version of Logos Bible Software. And that’s true for Logos Bible Software 3, as well.
    You can rest easy that upgrading to the new version will not jeopardize your library but will only add features and enhancements. And if you choose not to upgrade, we certainly aren’t taking anything away.