Day Three: Making friends, eating olives

Olive Pit OlivesThe whole point of driving around in a big billboard is to get attention. It has been working: day three started with a visit from a pastor and his wife who were staying in the same RV park. Later that morning a couple of girls stopped us so that they could pray for us, and at a gas station a man shared his testimony and took product information for his pastor.

On the road, I only needed to see one billboard to know that our first stop was going to be the Olive Pit, in Corning, California. An olive tasting bar, burgers, shakes, and RV parking. How could I resist? A succession of billboards, starting more than thirty miles away, only built my anticipation.

When I left the freeway the family wondered why. When I pulled into the Olive Pit, confusion turned to delight. We sampled an incredible array of stuffed olives, and Jacob and I had burgers loaded with sliced olives. Yum!

In the store, yet another stranger turned friend—introducing himself as a Bible student and talking with us for a while. Then we loaded up our olives, jams, and pickled garlic (the kids insisted) and headed to Central SDA Church in Sacramento, where I presented Logos Bible Software 3 and got to put some faces to names I already knew.

Next stop: Mount Zion Baptist Church, Pittsburg, California.

(Folks at the office: I wanted to share a bit of the road trip experience with you, so there is a case of olives on its way. Save me some of the ‘Dynamic Duo’ – jalepeno and garlic stuffed!)


  1. Bob —
    I state here publicly that I will eat an “Olive Pit” olive when the box Bob shipped hits the office. For those without context, I don’t really like olives, and Bob and I frequently go back and forth over my disdain for them.
    If olive lovers out there have any recommendations as to what olive I should eat (the “Dynamic Duo” does sound least worst to me), please do let me know. This is your chance for a convert to olive-dom.

  2. Just wanting to say it was great to meet Bob Pritchett and see the Logos 3 demo! I’m using Logos 3 right now and absolutely LOVE IT!! Thanks for creating this amazing software and for stopping in Sacramento to show us.

  3. Rick
    I was told that if you ate 10 olives that you would learn to like them. I was willing to give it a try, but it was to no avail. I am still the only one in my family who prefers life without olives. My recomendation is to eat one for company spirit and leave the rest for those who enjoy them. (Perhaps a good cup of coffee afterwards will help.)

  4. The olives came quickly.
    I dug right in once I saw them. Based on Bob’s glowing recommendation, I went for the “Dynamic Duo”. I can honestly say that it was the least horrible olive that I’ve ever tasted.
    Sufficiently encouraged, I decided to try another. I went for the Bleu Cheese stuffed olive. Bleu-cheesey, for sure, but the texture left something to be desired.
    My olive quota is reached for the forseeable future (I have witnesses!) but thanks for the olives, Bob!